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Tabula 127 (Unbiseptium) - Friday 12th February 2016

Tabula 127 (Unbiseptium) was released on Friday 12th February 2016. This release included bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • A bug that caused problems when downloading certain reports has been fixed
  • Map icons will now display for small group events again. Unfortunately, this may mean re-inputting locations (and selecting them from the dropdown) for them to appear

Technical release notes:

Implement Code

  • [TAB-4069] - Move remaining components into web
  • [TAB-4070] - GTG, HealthCheck and Metrics controllers
  • [TAB-4077] - Remove file syncing code
  • [TAB-4078] - Transfer all locally stored files to object store
  • [TAB-4102] - Remove dependency on Apache rewrite rules


  • [TAB-4068] - Vertically align mac cmd symbol better
  • [TAB-4083] - Token error 1453994454914 on downloading monitoring reports for Hist UG & CAS
  • [TAB-4085] - Token error 1454319311060 when you view unrecorded/bymodule reports
  • [TAB-4090] - Map icons showing up inconsistently
  • [TAB-4091] - Roles being resolved differently each time
  • [TAB-4104] - Rogue popover on assignment edit screen
  • [TAB-4107] - Can't generate pdf of profile on test
  • [TAB-4112] - GTG controller doesn't work on API component


  • [TAB-4075] - Remove non-LTI Turnitin functionality (except for document viewer)


  • [TAB-4043] - Use Warwick object storage service instead of local storage