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Tabula 128 (Unbioctium) - Friday 19th February 2016

Tabula 128 (Unbioctium) was released on Friday 19th February 2016. This release included bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • We've reworked how we process background jobs to try and reduce "queues", so zip downloads and Turnitin submissions should be processed more quickly
  • We've reworked how we index information for searching, so the activity stream should update more quickly and dismissed notifications no longer hang around
  • We've improved the performance of some pages in Small Group Teaching
  • We've released the first version of our exam grids pilot
  • Adding an ad-hoc student to an attendance register no longer loses inputted information
  • Uploading marks to SITS now respects checkboxes on the submission and feedback page
  • A problem affecting submission and creation of files over 5GB in size has been fixed

Technical release notes:

Implement Code

  • [TAB-4111] - Move to Clustered Quartz for jobs
  • [TAB-4113] - Move /scheduling web code to web component
  • [TAB-4114] - Remove dependency on web from api



  • [TAB-4041] - Attendance screen rendering incorrectly in Mac/Safari
  • [TAB-4055] - Don't calculate overcatted mark subsets if a module mark is missing
  • [TAB-4088] - Adding students on the Record attendance page clears previous attendance records
  • [TAB-4109] - Tabula uploads all marks to SITS even if only some selected
  • [TAB-4122] - Reflected XSS w/ CSRF + non-HttpOnly SSO-SSC-Tabula cookie
  • [TAB-4123] - Export as CSV is not capturing whole table
  • [TAB-4140] - Monitoring point counter displayed on event register is inconsistent
  • [TAB-4144] - Files over 5GB fail on push to object store


  • [TAB-3930] - As an Administrator for multiple departments, I want to choose which department I am creating grids for, so I can ensure that any grids are specific to a single department.
  • [TAB-3931] - As a Departmental Administrator, I want to specify which academic year I am creating grids for, so I can ensure that any grids are related to a specific year.
  • [TAB-3932] - As a Departmental Administrator, I want to be stepped through the grid creation process, so I can see an indicative journey.
  • [TAB-3940] - As a Departmental Administrator, I want to specify which columns are included for administrating the grid board correctly and have them prepopulated with existing SITS data, so I can choose to show non-marking data
  • [TAB-4094] - Changes as of 5/2/2016 to Exam Grids

New Feature

  • [TAB-3955] - Create exam grid - step 1: choose students
  • [TAB-3956] - Create exam grid - step 2: grid options
  • [TAB-3957] - Create exam grid - step 3a: background task still running
  • [TAB-3958] - Create exam grid - step 3b: begin grid creation
  • [TAB-3992] - Exam grid 'Core modules' column option
  • [TAB-3998] - Exam grid 'Core required' column option
  • [TAB-3999] - Exam grid 'Core Optional modules' column option
  • [TAB-4000] - Exam grid 'Optional Modules' column option
  • [TAB-4001] - Exam grid 'Total CATs' column option
  • [TAB-4002] - Exam grid 'Start Year' colum option
  • [TAB-4003] - Exam grid 'Marks from previous year(s)' column option
  • [TAB-4004] - Exam grid 'Current year mean mark' column option
  • [TAB-4005] - Exam grid 'Overcatted year mark' column option
  • [TAB-4006] - Exam grid 'Mitigating Circumstances' column option
  • [TAB-4007] - Exam grid 'Recommended Actions' column option
  • [TAB-4008] - Exam grid 'Comments' column option
  • [TAB-4009] - Allow custom exam grid columns
  • [TAB-4052] - Exam grid 'Year weightings'
  • [TAB-4061] - Layout fixes
  • [TAB-4086] - Allow year mark upload to SITS
  • [TAB-4095] - Exam grid 'Board agreed mark' column option
  • [TAB-4096] - Exam grid 'Suggested result' column option
  • [TAB-4097] - Exam grid 'Suggested final year grade' column option
  • [TAB-4098] - Exam grid 'Module Reports' column option
  • [TAB-4099] - Import core required modules
  • [TAB-4129] - Member API to replace endpoints
  • [TAB-4147] - Import actual module marks from SITS


  • [TAB-4115] - Index items on creation and remove incremental indexing
  • [TAB-4143] - Don't run sysadmin-invoked imports on web
  • [TAB-4148] - Treat Optional Core as Core when generating OCA options