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Tabula 130 (Untrinilium) - Friday 11th March 2016

Tabula 130 (Untrinilium) was released on Friday 11th March 2016. This release included bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • A number of improvements to the department-level combined timetables:
    • These are now available to staff (linked from the Profiles page) and students (linked from the full-screen version of the timetable)
    • Filters for module, route and year of study are now combined rather than additive (i.e. they're an AND, rather than an OR)
    • Staff can now add staff to the filters from other departments
    • You can now filter on the type of event
    • Week numbers are now displayed on the month view
  • Phone number and room information is now shown for personal tutors and research supervisors on the student profile (this information comes from PeopleSearch)
  • It's now possible to set the day and times in default properties for small group events
  • Timetables in Tabula now show the date and time that they were last updated
  • A bug that caused some student profiles to not display properly has been fixed
  • A problem that caused Turnitin submission to fail with long module names has been fixed

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-4194] - Departmental setting for SGT monitoring points


  • [TAB-4160] - Weirdness when viewing feedback
  • [TAB-4198] - Assignment import not working on prod
  • [TAB-4208] - Customer and Student unable to see the profile of the student

New Feature

  • [TAB-405] - Students need to be able to see further information about their personal tutor
  • [TAB-3545] - Let students see combined timetables with restricted filters
  • [TAB-4132] - New Start notification/activity push
  • [TAB-4195] - Allow timetabling to link to draft versions of the timetable


  • [TAB-3725] - Update timetable colours for ID7
  • [TAB-4190] - Extract whole phone number of tutor from Peoplesearch


  • [TAB-3544] - Show all staff a link to combined timetables
  • [TAB-3754] - Make filters use AND rather than OR when viewing timetables
  • [TAB-4171] - My Monitoring Points shows all academic years regardless on how many years a student has been enrolled
  • [TAB-4184] - Allow all staff to see any timetable
  • [TAB-4189] - Pre-fill options for current personal tutees in the department timetable filters
  • [TAB-4192] - Allow filtering of the type of event in the department timetable
  • [TAB-4200] - Show week numbers on department timetables
  • [TAB-4201] - Scroll the calendar down when switching to day/week view on department timetable
  • [TAB-4203] - Add day/time to default event properties for SGT event creation
  • [TAB-4204] - Data Stamp S+ image refresh in Tabula
  • [TAB-4205] - Turnitin class name must be less than 100 characters