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Tabula 148 (Unquadoctium) - Friday 29th July 2016

Tabula 148 (Unquadoctium) was released on Friday 29th July 2016. This release included bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • The Profiles section of Tabula has now been migrated to ID7. This includes restructuring member profiles into separate pages to allow us to add more information to each section.
  • It is now possible to directly re-allocate a personal tutor/supervisor's students to other staff members.
  • Meeting records can now be created in bulk by personal tutors/supervisors.
  • Students with a disclosed disability can now choose to make markers aware of that disability when submitting coursework.

Technical release notes:

Implement Code

Technical task

  • [TAB-4435] - Enable feature flag for disability on submission



  • [TAB-498] - I want to be able to see personal tutor meetings that haven't had their outcomes recorded

New Feature

  • [TAB-1373] - Record meeting with tutees as a group



  • [TAB-1426] - Show date of last meeting record in list of tutees
  • [TAB-2608] - Add create meeting record link to timetable event pop-up
  • [TAB-3097] - Allow tutors/supervisors to see students who haven't approved meeting records
  • [TAB-3929] - Distributing students for personal tutoring
  • [TAB-4388] - Remove route and year of study filters from draft timetable view