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Tabula 149 (Unquadenium) - Thursday 4th August 2016

Tabula 149 (Unquadenium) was released on Thursday 4th August 2016. This release included bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • We have made some changes to the new Profiles layout, following user feedback, such as adding back in the MRM link, and also some student/course details (such as a student's enrolment status and year of study).
  • We have made some changes to improve the Record Meeting buttons.
  • We now display the time and date of creation and also creator's name alongside any administrative notes.
  • A bug which meant that deleted meeting records were being included in the unapproved meeting count has been fixed.
  • Sub department links will now show on the Profiles homepage for users who are administrators on the parent department.

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-4441] - Sub departments not showing on staff profiles unless user is dept admin of sub department
  • [TAB-4466] - Text floating over student photo
  • [TAB-4469] - Deleted meeting records being included in unapproved meeting count
  • [TAB-4472] - Navigating to next page of filtered student list resets filters
  • [TAB-4473] - Error returned when trying to view 1566032's assignments
  • [TAB-4476] - Supervisors not being able to see the "supervisor" tab on a students profile



  • [TAB-4420] - Only use enrolment department data from the year set by the user
  • [TAB-4467] - Add link to view MRM back onto modules tab
  • [TAB-4468] - Add missing fields back into Tabula profiles
  • [TAB-4470] - Add Enrolment status back into Profiles
  • [TAB-4471] - Update labels on meeting buttons on tutor / supervisor tabs in profiles
  • [TAB-4474] - Add the name and date of who created each admin note
  • [TAB-4475] - Add text entry in student profile that specifically states year of study