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Tabula 167 (Unhexseptium) - Friday 16th December 2016

Tabula 167 (Unhexseptium) was released on Friday 16th December 2016. This release included bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • Fixed a bug where assignments were not auto released to markers in certain cases.
  • Last year's personal tutor records were displayed on this year's course. This bug has been fixed now.
  • Another bug fixing where submissions were returned to marker but comments(if any) were not displayed anywhere. You can now see those comments.
  • Using import of small groups from S+ was hanging in certain cases. This has been fixed now.
  • For grid generation, user can now choose multiple routes.
  • Recording register for missed monitoring point now displays if it is missed authorised or missed unauthorised. Previously it just displayed as missed.

Technical release notes:

Implement Code

  • [TAB-4726] - Allow multiple routes in exam grid


  • [TAB-4544] - Don't stop processing the email queue if we get an exception
  • [TAB-4652] - StartWarwickNotificationListener doesn't handle missing entities
  • [TAB-4751] - Blank fileRequested date for originalityReport
  • [TAB-4753] - Assigment not auto releasing submissions to markers
  • [TAB-4767] - BatchUpdateException processing Urkund Queue
  • [TAB-4768] - Import of Small Groups from S+ hangs on populating the form
  • [TAB-4769] - Email template for returned submission
  • [TAB-4771] - Last years PT records are showing up on this years course. (different courses)


  • [TAB-4766] - Distinguish between authorised and unauthorised in monitoring points message when recording registers


  • [TAB-4755] - Update modal warning user to be careful with personal data after downloading grid