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Tabula 176 (Unsepthexium) - Thursday 9th March 2017

Tabula 176 (Unsepthexium) was released on Thursday 9th March 2017. This release included bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • Normal CATS loads and course year weightings (used when generating exam grids) are now managed in Tabula (rather than in SITS). This change includes the ability to apply bulk changes to multiple courses/routes and copy data from other academic years.
  • The small-screen version of a timetable now includes more data, following feedback from staff and students.
  • Saving an assignment as XML now causes a file download rather than viewing the XML in the browser.
  • Location and end time can now be specified when creating a meeting record for more than one student at once.
  • It is now possible to email all of the students registered to attend a small group event directly from the event's register.
  • A bug that caused notifications not to be sent when an assignment was created from SITS or by copying has been fixed.
  • A bug that prevented markers from downloading all submissions as a PDF has been fixed.
  • The table view of an assignment now correctly displays each marker's name, fixing a bug in the previous release
  • The current course displayed when viewing tutees now displays correctly when a student starts and finishes a new course after starting the current course.
  • Problems viewing submitted files from the student's profile and when marking have been fixed.
  • Saving your Tabula settings when the Week Numbering is set to use your department's setting now works as expected.

Technical release notes:

Technical task

  • [TAB-4897] - Post-deploy: Remove from puppet


  • [TAB-4812] - Create assignment students tab
  • [TAB-4813] - Create assignment submissions tab


  • [TAB-4904] - 'Enter' submits normal load and course year weightings forms
  • [TAB-4910] - "Submsisions" typo in email notification to moderator
  • [TAB-4917] - No notifications sent when assignments are bulk created
  • [TAB-4918] - Unable to download all submissions as PDF
  • [TAB-4932] - Marker fields aren't being populated in table view
  • [TAB-4934] - Problem with latest course details
  • [TAB-4939] - Freemarker exception with online feedback
  • [TAB-4940] - Exception viewing submission
  • [TAB-4941] - Audit logger doesn't handle null values

New Feature

  • [TAB-4845] - Anonymous marking set up at assignment level
  • [TAB-4884] - Manage normal CAT loads


  • [TAB-4890] - Remove secondary TT server
  • [TAB-4893] - Import course's department
  • [TAB-4896] - Manage Course Year Weightings
  • [TAB-4919] - Investigate whether the TII due date can be reduced
  • [TAB-4921] - Scope Turnitin class by academic year
  • [TAB-4930] - Remove maven-git-commit-id-plugin


  • [TAB-4882] - Add email button to event register page
  • [TAB-4901] - Add location and end time to Bulk Meeting Records
  • [TAB-4906] - Send audit logs to CLogS
  • [TAB-4907] - Save as text (XML) bar in Coursewok and Exams should trigger a download
  • [TAB-4925] - Tweak copy in missed monitoring point notification
  • [TAB-4936] - Tweak mobile timetable rendition to include more data