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Tabula 184 (Unoctquadium) - Thursday 22nd June 2017

Tabula 184 (Unoctquadium) was released on Thursday 22nd June 2017. This release included bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • Student names now display on exam grids again, but must be removed from materials taken to exam boards
  • A possible cross-site scripting bug on the student filter page has been fixed

Technical release notes


  • [TAB-5249] - Navigating away from assignment properties pages after making no changes returns message suggesting there are unsaved changes
  • [TAB-5252] - Adjusted grade help text can only be dismissed by clicking on icon
  • [TAB-5263] - Filters on marker screen are hidden behind navigation when scrolling up
  • [TAB-5280] - rXSS (students filter)
  • [TAB-5281] - Title incorrect in creating assignment bar
  • [TAB-5289] - FreeMarker error on assignment summary
  • [TAB-5291] - Granting an extension for before the close date fails silently
  • [TAB-5293] - Freemarker error on Markers screen when adding external user as student to assignment with a marking workflow
  • [TAB-5296] - Dept module filter


  • [TAB-5273] - Missing event names for several commands (cm2)


  • [TAB-5254] - Original grade still displayed on submissions screen even after adjustment
  • [TAB-5257] - Add setting to disable feedback publishing at assignment level
  • [TAB-5265] - Tidy up progress section on summary screen
  • [TAB-5266] - CM2 wording tweak to Authorship heading
  • [TAB-5275] - Fix module code case on exam grids
  • [TAB-5278] - Sort assignments alphabetically within modules
  • [TAB-5283] - UX - Drag n drop screen requires Save but Save is not locked on screen
  • [TAB-5286] - Additional workflow progress state: "Marks need to be uploaded to SITS"
  • [TAB-5297] - Show names on exam grids again (with text instructing departments about anonymity)