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Tabula 185 (Unoctpentium) - Friday 30th June 2017

Tabula 185 (Unoctpentium) was released on Friday 30th June 2017. This release included bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • Departmental students page route filter bug resulting in some html code display has been fixed now

Technical release notes


  • [TAB-5003] - Assignment submission audit
  • [TAB-5302] - Extension Settings Test Plan


  • [TAB-5251] - Selected item not recognised for Final Marker
  • [TAB-5261] - Valid grade not populated on Add Marks screen when validate grade setting is turned on for department
  • [TAB-5288] - Token error on upload of bulk adjustment spreadsheet
  • [TAB-5292] - Validation error returned when manually adding external user account to assignment membership
  • [TAB-5305] - Freemarker error if you select 'Online feedback'
  • [TAB-5308] - Escaped HTML in route filter on department students page
  • [TAB-5313] - Plagiarism notifications not displayed at /cm2


  • [TAB-5294] - Empty field after clicking Add to manually add user(s)
  • [TAB-5295] - Add message to confirm how users should manually add students to assignment membership
  • [TAB-5299] - CM2 performance tuning
  • [TAB-5301] - 'Not moderated' message on progress bar appears twice