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Tabula 186 (Unocthexium) - Wed 12th July 2017

Tabula 186 (Unocthexium) was released on Wed 12th July 2017. This release included bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • Module and assignment pickers when adding a coursework monitoring point has been fixed.
  • In addition to the home department, Senior Tutors can now view all profile students for any other departments they're Senior Tutor.
  • Included surrounding years by default in term dates/term weeks iCal feeds.

Technical release notes


  • [TAB-4985] - Feedback template functional test
  • [TAB-5338] - Assignment creation Test Plan (Reusable workflow)
  • [TAB-5343] - Manage Marking workflows Test Plan
  • [TAB-5368] - Create a single-use workflow test plan
  • [TAB-5369] - Allocate markers Test


  • [TAB-5333] - Token error when uploading marks and feedback form with symbols (£$%)
  • [TAB-5337] - CM2 - token error clicking on 'download a template spreadsheet' assignment setup
  • [TAB-5350] - Auto-expand next submission on marker screen after saving current submission's feedback
  • [TAB-5351] - MarkerFeedback/Feedback records
  • [TAB-5352] - Audit info on manage submissions page not displayed when original marker has been replaced twice
  • [TAB-5353] - Assignments still listed in Upcoming section when marker has been replaced
  • [TAB-5363] - Progress bar not updating correctly when 'returned to marker' from 'feedback needs publishing' stage
  • [TAB-5367] - "Module and assignment pickers broken when Adding a coursework monitoring point"
  • [TAB-5370] - Personal notification setting not overriding departmental setting


  • [TAB-5311] - Feedback Student Audit(cm2 workflow Impl)


  • [TAB-5123] - Send less stupid display values to My Warwick
  • [TAB-5318] - Display links to Senior Tutor on Profiles homepage regardless of tutor's home department
  • [TAB-5325] - CM2 quick win, add punctuation to label.
  • [TAB-5332] - CM2 - Add info message for consistency to variant Extensions request screen
  • [TAB-5335] - CM2 - remove table border on markingworkflows not as per style guide.
  • [TAB-5345] - Delete workflow confirmation screen
  • [TAB-5347] - Make sort order match on marking page and webform and downloadable spreadsheet
  • [TAB-5354] - Include surrounding years by default in term dates/term weeks iCal feeds