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Tabula 187 (Unoctseptium) - Thursday 20th July 2017

We released Tabula 187 (Unoctseptium) on Thursday, 20th July 2017. This version includes the first phase of a major redesign of the entire coursework management component, referred to as ‘CM2’. Learn more about the changes in coursework management and the transition from CM1 to CM2.

This release also resolves the following issues:

  • It is no longer possible to create a meeting record without a date.
  • It is now possible to delete a custom role when no one is assigned to that role.

Technical release notes


  • [TAB-5398] - Test for feedback adjustments
  • [TAB-5399] - Port CourseworkAssignmentMembershipTest
  • [TAB-5402] - Migrate CourseworkAssignmentSubmissionTest
  • [TAB-5409] - Migrate CourseworkDisplaySettingsTest
  • [TAB-5410] - Migrate CourseworkAdminTest


  • [TAB-5156] - Banner Message along with Links for cm1
  • [TAB-5341] - Edit Assignment Tabs Test Plan
  • [TAB-5342] - Marking Assignment Test Plan (Single use workflow)


  • [TAB-5376] - Custom role is not deletable, was attached to a role but is no longer
  • [TAB-5380] - Meeting record creation validation doesn't prevent meeting records with no date
  • [TAB-5383] - NPE in ViewStudentAttendanceController
  • [TAB-5385] - "workflow removed when saving the Edit assignment details screen"
  • [TAB-5387] - "Feedback summary modal broken on assignment summary table view"
  • [TAB-5390] - Fix PopOver for monitoring points filter page
  • [TAB-5391] - Viewing plagiarism report returns 404 page
  • [TAB-5392] - Cannot remove more than one marker from reusable workflow in single operation
  • [TAB-5401] - "Fix CourseworkAddAssignmentsTest Department admin should be able to batch create some assignments"
  • [TAB-5403] - "Create cm1 assignment broken"


  • [TAB-4961] - CM2 Go Live Preparation
  • [TAB-5374] - Remove puppet config for cm2/Live Preparation
  • [TAB-5375] - Allow a user to be an assistant of their assistant (stop assistant permission chaining)
  • [TAB-5381] - Puppet config to set cm2 default for test/sandbox box
  • [TAB-5382] - Modify CourseworkFixtures for cm1/cm2
  • [TAB-5388] - Remove the assignment audit screen
  • [TAB-5395] - "Point the SubmissionReminder notification at the CM2 submit page"
  • [TAB-5397] - Save/Cancel of cm1 assignment should take us now to cm2 admin page
  • [TAB-5400] - Add Redirects to cm2 dept/module admin pages from cm1 dept/module page
  • [TAB-5411] - Modify CM1 Functional Tests
  • [TAB-5412] - "Fix OnlineMarkingTest"


  • [TAB-5303] - Ability to filter assignments with no marking workflow