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Tabula 188 (Unoctoctium) - Thu 27th July 2017

We released Tabula 188 (Unoctoctium) on Thursday, 27 July 2017. You can now create assignments for the 2017/18 academic year.

The ‘Problems, questions’ page has been improved, renamed ‘Need help?’ and now includes:

  • the ability to search the Manual
  • links to specific sections of the Manual for each component (coursework management, exam grids, etc.)
  • a contact form you can use to contact your department's Tabula administrator or IT Services
  • links in the right-hand column to the Tabula noticeboard (previously called the ‘Tabula forum’), these release notes and a form to request new features

The following bugs are now resolved:

  • error message triggered when an incorrect file type is uploaded as part of marks upload
  • null pointer exception error during coursework submission

Technical release notes


  • TAB-5340 - Assignment Creation from Previous Test Plan


  • TAB-5420 - Bind exception - Post Marks
  • TAB-5425 - FreeMarker template error-null extension


  • TAB-5418 - Prepare for 17/18 (Coursework management)
  • TAB-5422 - Enable My Warwick notification listener


  • TAB-4887 - Problems questions - further improvement