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Tabula 189 (Unoctennium) - Tues 1st August 2017

We released Tabula 189 (Unoctennium) on Tuesday, 1 August 2017. You can no longer create assignments in CM1, the old version of coursework management. We've migrated old assignments without marking workflows to CM2. Any existing CM1 assignments with a marking workflow continue to work as they currently do.

We've resolved the following bugs:

  • You can now view the feedback audit screen for moderated submissions.
  • A meeting record location greater than 255 characters does not cause an error; instead you're prompted to enter a location less than 255 characters long.
  • Extension filtering now works correctly when unapproved extensions are displayed.
  • You can now view modules with names that contain a full stop, e.g. PSP1.1, on the CM2 assignments page.

Technical release notes


  • TAB-5415 - Feedback audit - IllegalArgumentException
  • TAB-5436 - Validate meeting record location length
  • TAB-5437 - NPE in CM2 Extension filter results
  • TAB-5438 - SubmissionDueWithExtensionNotification - IllegalArgumentException
  • TAB-5440 - CM2 Landing page unable to expand modules with submisions ESR1.0 to ESR9.0
  • TAB-5442 - NPE when importing modules


  • TAB-5430 - Disable Assignment Creation using cm1 (Preparation for 1st Aug 2017 )