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Tabula 190 (Unennilium) - Thursday 17th August 2017

We released Tabula 190 (Unennilium) on Thursday, 17th August 2017. We now only show the current years small groups on the profile homepage (this should remove some clutter).

We've resolved the following bugs:

  • Filters are unavailable until the page has finished loading. This prevents filter choices from being made that will never be acted on.
  • The disability popup has been restored for online marking and the summary table view.
  • The table view now always shows marker names when they are available.

Technical release notes


  • [TAB-5339] - Assignment Creation From SITS Test Plan
  • [TAB-5453] - Replace marker single use workflow Test Plan
  • [TAB-5454] - Delete Assignment Test plan


  • [TAB-5443] - Filter actions ignored when page hasn't finished loading
  • [TAB-5444] - Disability popup doesn't work for online marking
  • [TAB-5445] - NPE- AssignmentFeedbackdownload
  • [TAB-5446] - Tests broken by academic year switch
  • [TAB-5463] - Functional test failures related with module code
  • [TAB-5465] - Table view doesn't show marker names for CM1 assignments
  • [TAB-5476] - Don't try and copy teachingStaff property for non-StaffMember

New Feature

  • [TAB-5467] - Import teaching staff property from FIM


  • [TAB-5331] - UAT: unclear wording on assignment auto-release option
  • [TAB-5433] - Mark upload template: lock non-editable columns, omit current-stage columns
  • [TAB-5447] - Redirect for CM1 Summary/List Page
  • [TAB-5461] - Add a Job to import missing event map locations
  • [TAB-5462] - View member relationships
  • [TAB-5464] - Only show current years small groups on profiles homepage
  • [TAB-5466] - Small group picker API