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Tabula 192 - (Unenbium) - Thursday 31st August 2017

We released Tabula 192 (Unenbium) on Thursday, 31st August 2017. It's now possible to control the visibility of students' names to markers, moderators and module auditors per assignment.

We've resolved the following bugs:

  • Module auditors can no longer see students' names when the settings don't allow this.
  • The link to view feedback in a student's profile now points to the correct page.
  • The link in assignment submission receipt notifications now points to the correct page.

Technical release notes


  • TAB-5480 - Profile view feedback should link to CM2 feedback page
  • TAB-5499 - Assignment submission receipt email notification should link to CM2
  • TAB-5506 - Module auditor able to see student names