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196 - (Unenhexium) - Thur 28th September 2017

We released Tabula 196 (Unenhexium) on Thursday 28th September 2017. This release includes bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • Fixed some incorrect map locations on Timetables
  • Fixed a bug allowing modules to be removed from monitoring points
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some feedback turnaround reports from being generated.
  • Lecture small groups are no longer published to students by default. Added additional advice in the publish popup about lecture duplicates from Syllabus+

Technical release notes


  • [TAB-5458] - Adjust marks in bulk Test Plan


  • [TAB-5492] - "Unable to remove modules from point"
  • [TAB-5527] - Bind Exception for Marker
  • [TAB-5552] - NPE as part of feedback report generation
  • [TAB-5558] - Manually added information emails are not useful to the exams office
  • [TAB-5568] - "CM1 second marker doesn't see marking under Action Required"
  • [TAB-5577] - Manually add student notification to Exam office NPE
  • [TAB-5586] - Illegal argument exception when creating small group event
  • [TAB-5588] - Incorrect room lookup for ES_F2.11
  • [TAB-5589] - Freemarker template error (Attendancemonitoring Missed checkpoints Notification)


  • [TAB-5460] - Wording and default selection changes to SGT publish popup