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197 - (Unenseptium) - Thur 5th Oct 2017

We released Tabula 197 (Unenseptium) on Thursday 5 October 2017. In this version we fixed:

  • a bug that caused an error message when allocating or de-allocating personal tutors, and attempting to notify the tutor and tutee
  • incorrect locations on the campus map
  • a missing check when booking a meeting to validate that the start time is indeed earlier than the end time

Technical release notes


  • TAB-5455 - Download and delete submission (admin) test plan
  • TAB-5590 - Minimum attachments test


  • TAB-5589 - Freemarker template error (attendance monitoring missed checkpoints notification)
  • TAB-5592 - NPE as part of small group event creation (notification may be missing)
  • TAB-5594 - Error token returned when allocating personal tutors
  • TAB-5600 - Fix incorrect map locations
  • TAB-5604 - Add validation for incorrect meeting date/time
  • TAB-5609 - Handle multiple locations from S+ feeds


  • TAB-5612 - Add logging for deleted event IDs (import spreadsheet)