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Tabula 2018.3.1 - 2 March 2018

We released Tabula version 2018.3.1 on Friday, 2 March 2018. In this version:

Technical notes

Bug fixes

  • TAB-5873 - Notify moderators when admin sends sample for moderation
  • TAB-5946 - Pathway rules should be scoped by level not block
  • TAB-5981 - Improve EditExtension logging
  • TAB-5982 - Extension requests not being marked as approved
  • TAB-5989 - Uploading xls instead of csv blows up
  • TAB-5998 - Marked attendance point shows both correct and incorrect dates


  • TAB-6001 - Link component marks breakdown screen from short/full grids


  • TAB-5900 - Remember the "Show modules with no filtered assignments" choice on coursework department home page
  • TAB-5904 - When removing deregistered students remember the last state of the groups filter