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Tabula 2018.3.2 - 8 March 2018

We released Tabula 2018.3.2 on Thursday, 8 March 2018. We revisited approving extension requests, which we said we'd fixed last week in version 2018.3.1. It turns out that the problem still occurred on iOS devices, and we've fixed this now. Other bug fixes include:

  • Downloading a .zip of multiple files attached to a single meeting record no longer causes an error message
  • In an exam grid .xlsx download, the University ID column is not empty

Also, it's now possible to generate an anonymous exam grid by excluding students' names and showing only their University ID.

Technical notes

Bug fixes

  • TAB-5982 - Extension requests not being marked as approved
  • TAB-5993 - Audit info displayed in Tabula doesn't correspond to marking
  • TAB-5999 - Error when trying to 'complete and send to marker'
  • TAB-6004 - UI weirdness on marker/moderator screen
  • TAB-6006 - Clicking Approve extension request button when masquerading does nothing
  • TAB-6008 - Error when downloading zip files in meeting records
  • TAB-6010 - Downloaded Excel grid with blank University ID column


  • TAB-5036 - Enable admins to anonymise output when generating exam grids
  • TAB-5766 - Improve information on how to choose an appropriate marking workflow
  • TAB-5914 - Reword message on submission page and receipts
  • TAB-6018 - Improve performance of short grids


  • TAB-5699 - Modules in SITS where marks have P or F values rather than numbers
  • TAB-6016 - Text change - make 'resubmit and 're-submit' consistent