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Tabula 2018.3.3 - 15 March 2018

We released Tabula 2018.3.3 on Thursday, 15 March 2018. Improvements in this version include:

  • the marker's screen – submissions are grouped under ‘Submissions to mark’, ‘Upcoming marking’ and ‘Marked’
  • the moderator's screen – submissions are grouped under ‘Submissions to moderate and send to admin’, ‘Upcoming moderation’ and ‘Moderated’
  • exam seat numbers in the coursework management component – you can import seat numbers from SITS and see them throughout a marking workflow
  • exam grids – when specifying your grid options, you can choose to calculate year marks from the current component and assignment marks from SITS, or use year marks previously uploaded to SITS via Tabula

We've also fixed a bug that was causing duplicate events to display in timetables.

Technical notes

Bug fixes

  • TAB-6017 - Import pathway rules failing
  • TAB-6019 - Send SubmissionReceivedNotification to markers for CM2 assignments
  • TAB-6028 - History can't see extension screen
  • TAB-6029 - Freemarker exception when feedback template name is blank
  • TAB-6032 - Timetable small group teaching duplicates not being filtered
  • TAB-6034 - Able to upload feedback for an old University ID
  • TAB-6035 - Exception creating exam grid on tabula-sandbox


  • TAB-5633 - Small group teaching spreadsheet upload should be a job
  • TAB-5831 - Split list of students for markers into TODO and other
  • TAB-5921 - Show seat numbers in CM2
  • TAB-5994 - Optionally use calculated year mark rather than year marks from SITS