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Tabula 2018.3.4 - 22 March 2018

We released Tabula 2018.3.4 on Thursday 22 March 2018. This version contains bug fixes and improvements to exam grids, including:

  • When you create a grid, you can choose multiple courses
  • Following requests from Cognos users, EMU indicators (for example, W = withdrawn) display alongside marks
  • We've added an option to show sequence numbers alongside assessment component marks

Technical notes

Bug fixes

  • TAB-5033 - Layout breaks on loads and weightings screens when resized
  • TAB-6033 - Scheduler error
  • TAB-6044 - Student appears in 17/18 year 1 and year 2 grids for ph-ug V700


  • TAB-6051 - Handle extensions when changing assignment close date
  • TAB-4501 - Changes to course selection for grids to allow multiple courses
  • TAB-5691 - UI Add warning when users unlink monitoring points scheme from SITS and save
  • TAB-5777 - Cognos users asked for EMU codes to display on Grids -T, AM, L, M, PL, P/T, F/T
  • TAB-5897 - Fix scrollbar to bottom for easier grid viewing
  • TAB-5995 - Hide zero-weighted assessment components on grids
  • TAB-5996 - Identify assessment components on grids
  • TAB-6007 - Make it clear in preview/download which grid version has been used
  • TAB-6043 - Change grid option label 'Use year marks from SITS' to 'Uploaded year marks'

Implement code

  • TAB-5810 - In some modules, a component must be passed, show core components failed


  • TAB-6042 - Write help text for year mark radio buttons in grid options
  • TAB-6050 - Fix functional tests


  • TAB-6046 - Check label and write help text for hide zero-weighted components new option