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Tabula 2018.4.2 - 12 April 2018

We released Tabula 2018.4.2 on Thursday 12 April 2018. In this version we:

  • fixed a bug in the double-blind marking workflow that prevented some markers from being able to see all the submissions allocated to you for marking
  • added a new option to an assignment's submissions and feedback screen to enable you to filter submissions by extension status
  • improved the layout of the exam grid preview when you print it directly from your web browser

Technical notes

Bug fixes

  • TAB-6095 - Freemarker exception for upload marks (seat number generation)
  • TAB-6096 - Submission receipt contains old plagiarism declaration
  • TAB-6097 - If submission state is 'Sent to admin - no moderation required', do not show submission in moderator's 'Upcoming moderation' view
  • TAB-6101 - Students without a seat number cannot be assigned markers
  • TAB-6114 - Display individual file download links if the files are too large to compress
  • TAB-6130 - Allow feedback to be uploaded for recently PWD students
  • TAB-6131 - Double blind issue with second marker

New features

  • TAB-5695 - Additional filters for extension info


  • TAB-6063 - Print layout for grids
  • TAB-6079 - Honour student identification option in 'Select overcatted mark' modal
  • TAB-6080 - Make sure that CM2 notifications links are scoped by role i.e. markers to CM2 home page