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Tabula 2018.9.1 - 6 Sept 2018

We released Tabula 2018.9.1 on Thursday 6 September 2018. In this version:

  • Meetings can be created with more than one relationship types
  • Some improvements in importing module registration choices and applicant data from SITS
  • Sub department is now displayed on monitoring points homepage

Technical notes

Bug fixes

  • [TAB-6319] - Displayed feedback counts can be incorrect
  • [TAB-6457] - Display breaks when changing filters in summary view while a submission is in the expanded state
  • [TAB-6461] - mark applicants as missing from import in the `StampMissingRowsCommand`
  • [TAB-6466] - Sub-department link not being displayed on Monitoring Points homepage
  • [TAB-6468] - Placeholder message inaccurate when Submitted section is empty
  • [TAB-6471] - Quartz profile import jobs fail to run
  • [TAB-6472] - Plagiarism checking notifications contain inaccurate data


  • [TAB-3495] - Meetings with more than one supervisor at once - recording meetings/reports that involve more than 2 people
  • [TAB-6305] - Move Excel exam grid table from column E to column A
  • [TAB-6463] - Import module marks for unconfirmed module registrations

New Feature

  • [TAB-6451] - Get additional applicant information from SITS


  • [TAB-6473] - Filter non-root departments from Import profile