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Tabula 203 (Undectrium) - 1 November 2017

We released Tabula 203 (Undectrium) on Wednesday 1 November 2017. In this version:

  • When you click your name in the utility links at the top right, we show your My Warwick account.
  • We fixed an issue where filter options on marking pages did not refresh the list of students.
  • We fixed an issue so that expired University IDs continue to show for submissions in old assignments.
  • The plagiarism notice is now always displayed for any assignment; it's no longer possible to remove the notice.

Technical release notes


  • TAB-5606 - Non-unique result as part of bulk meeting creation
  • TAB-5624 - Profile import doesn't persist changes to 'target group' for staff in membership
  • TAB-5628 - Free marker error (Attendance tutee)
  • TAB-5651 - Freemarker exception - Project supervisor
  • TAB-5652 - Store uni id for submissions related with expired users
  • TAB-5658 - Record attendance Freemarker exception (scheme type calendar with teaching event type)
  • TAB-5662 - The students tab on a user's profile should show their related students (not the currently logged in users students)
  • TAB-5663 - Filters on marking pages don't work
  • TAB-5670 - Manually added students notification has incorrect Markdown


  • TAB-5666 - Update ID7 to v1.4.1 (also upgrades jQuery to 3.x)
  • TAB-5667 - Update ID7 to v1.5.0 (enables My Warwick popover)


  • TAB-5470 - Remove option to hide plagiarism notice for assignment submission