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Tabula 204 (Undecquadium) - 23 November 2017

We released Tabula 204 (Undecquadium) on Thursday, 23 November 2017. In this release, we:

Technical notes


  • TAB-5698 - Fix Health Check import-profiles
  • TAB-5702 - HTML in SGT email when allocated to seminars outside of term time
  • TAB-5703 - Bad plurals are Small Group Teaching

New features


  • TAB-5505 - Double Blind - Independent marker tab names
  • TAB-5560 - Changes to marker email upon auto releasing assignment
  • TAB-5617 - Reposition the 'remove all' button on allocation screen
  • TAB-5680 - Log attendance monitoring scheme member changes
  • TAB-5685 - Don't filter lectures in SGT import from S+
  • TAB-5710 - Don't notify admins of assignments or group sets with manually added students where no SITS link will ever be available


  • TAB-5683 - Tweak email queue healthchecks to be less flappy


  • TAB-5686 - Import both Level and Block and display these in a student's profile
  • TAB-5693 - Extend department user search API to filter undergraduate students by level

Dev tasks

  • TAB-4462 - Moderated workflow type
  • TAB-5262 - Display validation error to user when uploading marks to SITS via Publish Feedback and Adjustments screens