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Tabula 205 (Undecpentium) - 1 December 2017

We released Tabula 205 (Undecpentium) on Friday, 1 December 2017. In this release we fixed a bug in small group teaching; when you randomly allocate students to groups, each group's maximum number of students is now honoured. Also, when you add a location to a small group event, and only one valid location suggestion exists, Tabula selects this location. Previously, you had to select it yourself.

Technical notes


  • TAB-5721 - SGT Random allocation of student to marker is not honouring maximum group size


  • TAB-5581 - Have small group spreadsheet uploads check location names against the hardcoded S+ list
  • TAB-5585 - If there is only one valid location suggestion in the typeahead, pick it when location loses focus
  • TAB-5725 - Update UG user search API