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Tabula 206 (Undechexium) - 8 December 2017

We released Tabula 206 (Undechexium) on Friday 8 December 2017. In this release, we:

Technical notes


  • TAB-5510 - Academic year should always start on 1 August (with negative week numbering)
  • TAB-5582 - Highlight when an event is about to be created without a map location
  • TAB-5583 - Add a dashboard that lists all groupsets with events that don't have a map location
  • TAB-5607 – Text changes - drive users to /help when they don't have permission to view a component
  • TAB-5728 – Review validation messages for small group teaching spreadsheet upload


  • TAB-5747 - Timetable not showing (SGT event with null event time)
  • TAB-5756 - Freemarker date formatting exceptions on scheduler
  • TAB-5757 - Freemarker exception - assignment setup
  • TAB-5758 - Exception viewing student attendance

Developer tasks

  • TAB-3566 - Leave 'suspect plagiarised' submissions out of feedback due email notifications