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Tabula 209 - 12 January 2018

We released Tabula 209 on Friday, 12th January 2018. In this release:

  • We fixed a bug where users can now record attendance register 15 minutes before the event start time.
  • Location for tutor meetings was not appearing on timetables. This bug has been fixed.
  • Coursework assignment table records will sort on submitted coulmn date field values now.
  • Marker name column has been added in the courework assignment submission download Excel/CSV file.
  • The file naming as part of single submission download has been made consistent with the bulk download. Individual submission download file by marker didn't have university id in the file name earlier.
  • Filtered deleted group sets from missing map locations and sorting done based on the module code.
  • Added API endpoint for downloading single submission.
  • Some notifications in the activity stream where still pointing to the cm1 links. This has been changed to display cm2 urls.
  • Links are now hidden to previous years' group from student tab on staff profiles.
  • The tutees page will now only show date of the last meeting with the current tutor.
  • Added dividing line to separate different terms on the MP pages to make it clear to users.

Technical notes

Release Notes - Tabula - Version 209


  • [TAB-5688] - UI Task Decide how best to label/relabel the fields
  • [TAB-5705] - Move the anonymity option on assignment creation screen
  • [TAB-5706] - Allow feedback to be published option needs better implementation


  • [TAB-5815] - Documentation for API endpoints for single submission and single file download


  • [TAB-5357] - Make staff filter work for draft timetables for 18/19 draft construction
  • [TAB-5737] - Notifications in activity stream link to CM1 page for CM2 assignments
  • [TAB-5786] - "Events without a map location" shows events for deleted group sets.
  • [TAB-5788] - Pre-term vacation and summer points are displayed together in Pre-term vacation MP
  • [TAB-5802] - Honour assignment anonymity setting 'Show University ID only' when renaming submission files
  • [TAB-5805] - Prevent feedback from being released when a later stage has never been assigned a marker
  • [TAB-5806] - Save as Excel/CSV function missing marker name (present in CM1)
  • [TAB-5807] - Submitted column sort should not be alphabetical
  • [TAB-5809] - Error returned when trying to export profiles
  • [TAB-5811] - Freemarker error when trying to send only invalid feedback forwards in the workflow
  • [TAB-5812] - Don't show download marker feedback link if there is no marker
  • [TAB-5813] - Exceptions in EmailOldestUnsentItemHealthcheck
  • [TAB-5816] - Locations for tutor meetings not appearing on Timetables
  • [TAB-5819] - Should be able to record attendance on event register 15 minutes before event start time
  • [TAB-5820] - Exception thrown on logging recipient when sending email
  • [TAB-5822] - Validation on assignment details screen broken when moderator selection is chosen
  • [TAB-5823] - Only return fresh users for My Warwick APIs

New Feature

  • [TAB-5773] - API endpoint for downloading an assignment submission
  • [TAB-5808] - Find Uni IDs by restrictions API



  • [TAB-1119] - Add warning for dept Manage actions if child depts exist
  • [TAB-5116] - Add dividing line to separate terms
  • [TAB-5326] - UX: setup assignments from SITS confusing
  • [TAB-5591] - Make wrong file type validation error more specific
  • [TAB-5626] - Only show date of last meeting with current tutor on tutees page
  • [TAB-5678] - Hide links to previous years' groups from Students tab on staff profiles
  • [TAB-5718] - Display changes to assignment membership in the audit event
  • [TAB-5745] - Remove SmallGroup from permission parents on Member
  • [TAB-5781] - Improve performance when fetching blobs from object store
  • [TAB-5785] - Sort "Events without a map location" by module code
  • [TAB-5818] - Parallelise email sending


  • [TAB-5801] - Make file rename of individual submissions consistent with bulk download