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Tabula 210 - 18 January 2018

We released Tabula 210 on Thursday, 18 January 2018. This release contains bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • An updated ‘schedule a meeting’ screen for students – when a student attempts to schedule a meeting with a tutor or supervisor who is in a department that does not permit students to schedule meetings, we now show this information.
  • An updated design of the assignment filter drop-down lists based on feedback from the CM2 testing workshops.
  • A new filter option in small group teaching to identify groups that contain deregistered students.
  • More detailed feedback about students in a small group set allocation who have event timetable clashes.

Technical notes

Bug fixes

  • TAB-5789 - Mointoring point based on coursework
  • TAB-5820 - Exception thrown on logging recipient when sending email
  • TAB-5827 - Display 'Request more information' button when managing extensions at an assignment level
  • TAB-5833 - Duplicate notifications created when reviewing extension
  • TAB-5842 - AllocateStudentsToGroups auditing is poor
  • TAB-5843 - Monitoring point term filter (Pre-term) bind exception
  • TAB-5858 - Unreleased feedback filter doesn't discount placeholder feedback for CM2 workflows
  • TAB-5860 - Odd behaviour when using filters on monitoring point View by Student screen
  • TAB-5866 - Repeated ‘for’ in choose moderation sample title


  • TAB-5533 - Improve wording on post plagiarism check email


  • TAB-4527 - Improvements to ‘Submit assignment’ UX for students with Specific Learning Difference or visual impairment
  • TAB-4886 - Improvements to scheduled meeting UI
  • TAB-4916 - Refine ‘Automatically release to markers’ help text
  • TAB-5304 - CM2 quick win - remove feint underlining from stepper bar
  • TAB-5314 - CM2 Calendar items are not clickable, users clicking the icon in the UAT sessions
  • TAB-5316 - CM2 - Add warning message that small group sets removes previous settings
  • TAB-5317 - CM2 - Order used when randomly allocating students to markers
  • TAB-5319 - Feedback report generation failure UI
  • TAB-5328 - UAT: users not noticing/using filters
  • TAB-5349 - Increase spacing next between chevron icon and uni id on marker screen
  • TAB-5379 - Hide module search when creating a teaching event point
  • TAB-5386 - Clickable arrow to expand reason for extension request isn't visible in Firefox
  • TAB-5431 - Text changes - email notification from /help form to administrator
  • TAB-5434 - Text changes - email notification from /help form to Web Team
  • TAB-5504 - Add column headings to table on ‘Submit marks and feedback’ web form
  • TAB-5674 - Add option to Statuses filter to display group sets with deregistered students
  • TAB-5738 - Add tutor name to small group overview (make it easier to work out who the tutor is for a small group)
  • TAB-5739 - UX if in SGT there is student timetabling clash display info on current group
  • TAB-5804 - Text changes - add workflow to assignment validation when ‘Anyone with a link to the assignment can submit coursework’ is selected
  • TAB-5825 - Persist attachment field instructions font colour when validation message is displayed
  • TAB-5826 - Make assignment title a link from Manage Extensions screen
  • TAB-5829 - Add alternative location display name field to the SGT spreadsheet upload
  • TAB-5830 - Show alternative location names in iCal timetable feeds
  • TAB-5832 - Activity stream links about extension requests should link to review extension page
  • TAB-5838 - Remove ‘(optional)’ from Description field label when creating meeting records
  • TAB-5841 - Turnitin report processing order
  • TAB-5852 - Pressing enter should select map location

Dev tasks