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Tabula 211 - 26 January 2018

We released Tabula 211 on Friday, 26 January 2018. This release contains mainly bug fixes. In particular, we've fixed the issues:

  • that blocked you from recording an extension request
  • with selecting multiple students on the ‘allocate to markers’ screen using drag and drop

Technical notes

Bug fixes

  • TAB-4584 - Timetable clash checker message disappears quickly
  • TAB-5404 - Bottom border for admin notes only spans half of the row
  • TAB-5405 - Attendance monitoring filter is out of position when you scroll down and then back up
  • TAB-5627 - Freemarker template error (viewing sysadmin emails)
  • TAB-5659 - Select multiple students in allocation screen
  • TAB-5681 - Markdown rendering should use CommonMark standard
  • TAB-5768 - Manual addition of student showing twice on closed formative assignment
  • TAB-5791 - Copy scheme functionality creates MP using assignments of different academic year
  • TAB-5821 - Print registers section of SGT. Changing start and end date jumps to 1899 and 'I don't recognise this' for date field
  • TAB-5835 - PGR student sees two links to profiles when they only have one account
  • TAB-5851 - Students should be able to see their own Tier 4 status
  • TAB-5872 - Allocate markers from small groups should ignore tutor-less groups when they have no students
  • TAB-5889 - Cancel button on 'Submit marks and feedback' doesn't work
  • TAB-5892 - Can't create an extension from Manage extensions
  • TAB-5894 - SubmissionAttempt audit event missing in some cases
  • TAB-5919 - Assignment is showing duplicate versions of the same students


  • TAB-5864 - Typo in change assignment's workflow confirmation modal
  • TAB-5869 - Make filters persist on marker screens
  • TAB-5903 - Text change - improve validation message when copying points from a previous year


  • TAB-5863 - Show the existing moderated assignment selection in a reusable moderated marking workflow
  • TAB-5911 - Fix AllocateStudentsToGroupsPageTest