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Tabula 212 - 1 February 2018

Tabula 212 was released on Thursday, 1 February 2018. We've fixed a bug where permanently withdrawn (PWD) students were incorrectly imported from assessment components in SITS. Previously, this caused PWD students to appear in assignments in Tabula and the students could see small group teaching information in their timetable. Following the next import from SITS, which runs tonight, note that PWD students will no longer be displayed in assignments and they will appear as deregistered in small group teaching. Temporarily withdrawn (TWD) students will continue to appear in coursework and small group memberships in SITS.

This version of Tabula also includes the updated moderated marking workflow. When defining the workflow, you can now specify who chooses which submissions go to the moderator. This person can be the administrator, marker or moderator. Previously, all submissions in an assignment went to the moderator. Now you can send a sample of submissions instead. The remaining marked submissions return to the administrator, who checks and publishes the feedback to students.

Technical notes

Bug fixes

  • TAB-5929 - Some postgraduate students cannot see link to their own profile
  • TAB-5605 - Unable to sort tutees on tutor allocation screen in Internet Explorer
  • TAB-5653 - Unable to save monitoring point on iPad
  • TAB-5938 - AssignmentImporter not filtering out assessment components for P* students
  • TAB-5344 - Headings displayed below Save buttons on Assignment Details page
  • TAB-5820 - Exception thrown on logging recipient when sending email
  • TAB-5930 - Disparity between Seminars tab in profiles and Groups home page
  • TAB-5931 - Date format is bizarre when comparing two dates in the same month-of-year but different years


  • TAB-5868 - Style small group event conflicts alert as a warning