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Tabula 23 (Vanadium)

Tabula version 23 was released on Tuesday 8th January 2013. These are the main visible changes:

General improvements and fixes

  • The coursework management homepage has been improved; assignments that were previously missing if a student wasn't "enrolled" now display again and assignments are no longer erroneously shown as "Late"
  • Coursework submissions now show the assigned markers (if any) for each submission
  • It is now easier to remove enrolled students from an assignment
  • Coursework submissions can now optionally be prefixed with the students' names rather than id numbers

Technical release notes:

Mockup / Graphics

  • [TAB-285] - Generic image for students with no photo


  • [TAB-299] - Add marker column to student table


  • [TAB-303] - Assignments not open yet are marked as "Late" on homepage
  • [TAB-304] - "Marked" assignments appear under "Present", not "Past" on Coursework homepage
  • [TAB-317] - Assignments with feedback returned for student but not enrolled not showing on coursework homepage
  • [TAB-318] - Removing students manually from an assignment doesn't persist
  • [TAB-319] - Some What's This texts showing html markup
  • [TAB-327] - Every profiles sync causing a huge number of FileAttachments to be written and then orphaned
  • [TAB-338] - Home page not always showing previous feedback


  • [TAB-134] - Optionally prefix submission with the student name
  • [TAB-136] - Shift-click range select for checkboxes
  • [TAB-281] - Move sysadmin functionality
  • [TAB-300] - Don't re-create Member objects on profile indexer
  • [TAB-302] - Use JMX to set maintenance/features on each instance
  • [TAB-316] - Assignments on coursework management homepage should be ordered by submission date
  • [TAB-329] - Cleanup files in /var/tabula/attachments that are no longer referenced in FileAttachment
  • [TAB-330] - Sanity check that every entry in FileAttachment has an associated file on the file system


  • [TAB-328] - Cleanup unused FileAttachments and their associated files
  • [TAB-334] - Refactor scheduling-based commands (i.e. imports) into the scheduling module