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Tabula 26 (Iron) - 4th February 2013 - Release notes

Tabula version 26 was released on Monday 4th February 2013. These are the main visible changes:

General improvements and fixes

  • A bug that meant some staff members couldn't see all student profiles in their department has been fixed
  • A bug that caused files to be lost after uploading if there was an error elsewhere on the form has been fixed
  • Feedback can now be published on open-ended assignments at any time
  • It's now easier to see who hasn't downloaded their assignment feedback yet
  • Personal tutors are now stored in Tabula and can be seen on their student profile, once they have been saved into Tabula

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-280] - Only allow users to see profiles of students in their department


  • [TAB-297] - Fix masquerade-only group
  • [TAB-412] - Combined submission/feedback page: If there are no submissions, buttons are not disabled
  • [TAB-415] - Uploaded files don't work after validation errors
  • [TAB-420] - Student profile search results broken post-deploy 25/01/13
  • [TAB-423] - Open ended assignments: can't publish feedback before close date
  • [TAB-429] - fix Lucene indexing so we can add new search terms


  • [TAB-371] - Student feedback download summary to show list of students that haven't yet downloaded.


  • [TAB-260] - I want to be able to see who a student's personal tutor is
  • [TAB-355] - I want to be able to see who my personal tutor is
  • [TAB-418] - I want to see a personal tutor's photo and email address