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Tabula 27 (Cobalt) - 5th February 2013 - Release notes

Tabula version 27 was released on Tuesday 5th February 2013. This was a minor bug fix release:

General improvements and fixes

  • Students can now see their own profile again
  • Users with multiple membership records no longer see error messages when loading administrative pages or Student Profiles
  • Students who receive an email with a link to their feedback will now be forced to login when they access the page

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-442] - Students can't see their own profile
  • [TAB-445] - Exception for Celine Tan (lascaf) going to school of law admin page


  • [TAB-411] - Force login on assignment submission page
  • [TAB-431] - Add permissions helper admin page c.f. JIRA