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Tabula 28 (Nickel) - 12th February 2013 - Release notes

Tabula version 28 was released on Tuesday 12th February 2013. The main visible improvements and changes are:

Personal tutor recording

Departmental administrators can now record personal tutors for students in that department. This can be done by uploading a spreadsheet of student IDs and linking them to their tutor's ID. Once this has been set, a personal tutor is then visible on a student's profile, that they can see themselves including the contact details of their personal tutor.

Coursework mark workflows

It is now possible to add marking workflows to assignments. There are currently two marking workflows available:

  • Students choose marker - students are required to select a marker from the list when they submit their assignment
  • Seen second marking - after the first marker has marked the work, a second marker must review the feedback/mark before it can be published

If you would like help with setting up mark workflows for assignments, please contact the ITS web team (webteam at warwick dot ac dot uk)

Redesigned coursework submission/feedback page

The list of submissions and feedback has been re-designed to be easier to use. As part of this change, we have also made it possible to see easily which students have downloaded their feedback and which haven't.

More robust Turnitin integration

In response to feedback from users who have been sending submitted assignments to Turnitin, we have changed the behaviour to continue to check other files even if one file has an error in it. An email will then be sent with information about the files that have failed to upload to Turnitin with the reasons.

Submission notifications

Module managers can now opt-in to receive notification of new submissions to assignments on modules for which they are the module manager. These notifications are off by default, but can be turned on individually by clicking the "Your settings" link on the Coursework Management homepage.

General improvements and fixes

  • Departments can now opt-out from Turnitin integration in the "Display" settings
  • We've replaced the date/time picker with a more intuitive interface
  • Assignments that don't accept submissions no longer appear under "Pending" for students enrolled on them
  • Uploading mark spreadsheets is now more robust
  • The bulk assignment setup page now correctly refreshes the assignment list after changing the academic year
  • Profiles that a user can't see will no longer appear when searching for a usercode or university ID
  • Student profiles search results now display correctly in Internet Explorer 8

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-389] - All table columns sortable with a click where sorting makes sense
  • [TAB-390] - Look and feel - table colours & separation of feedback/submission columns


  • [TAB-237] - Scheduling - FreeMarker not accessible from jobs
  • [TAB-374] - Mark upload is not robust for spreadsheets with errors
  • [TAB-446] - Profiles: Specific usercode/uni-id searches should only show results if the user has permission to see them
  • [TAB-448] - Global (scoped) permissions not working
  • [TAB-450] - Student profile search results not displaying correctly in IE8
  • [TAB-453] - Can't change academic year on bulk assignment setup page
  • [TAB-458] - Concurrent permissions checks can suffer from race conditions
  • [TAB-464] - Students who don't have any feedback appear in the "Students that haven't downloaded feedback" list
  • [TAB-468] - Submitting "Create mark scheme" form without choosing a type throws exception
  • [TAB-469] - Full GC (both instances) 11/02/13
  • [TAB-471] - Exception requesting access to module managers/dept admins with no email


  • [TAB-84] - Allocate batches of submissions to 1st markers
  • [TAB-353] - Users need to be able to access personal tutor information


  • [TAB-113] - Show some admin info at the student assignment URL
  • [TAB-116] - Turnitin opt-out for department
  • [TAB-119] - Better date-time picker
  • [TAB-135] - Wording of "Only enrolled students" checkbox
  • [TAB-139] - Change click handlers on submit buttons to submit handlers on forms
  • [TAB-210] - Rename "Mark Scheme" to "Marking Workflow"
  • [TAB-256] - Turnitin: skip and continue on a bad file
  • [TAB-310] - Turnitin: always send an email
  • [TAB-313] - Improve publish feedback screen wording
  • [TAB-315] - Re-add SITS code flag to assignments page
  • [TAB-451] - Departmental admins should have access to profiles for that department
  • [TAB-452] - Multiple upload helptext quirks
  • [TAB-457] - Remove the non-bootstrap label styles (that transform to uppercase) and replace with Bootstrap equivalents
  • [TAB-460] - Use JSON setting storage for basic properties of Department
  • [TAB-463] - Add new state to combined submissions/feedback page for feedback: "Downloaded"
  • [TAB-465] - Catch "returnTo" parameters and override Redirect() with it
  • [TAB-474] - Collect submissions should be checked by default
  • [TAB-475] - Don't show assignments that aren't collecting submissions on student homepage

New Feature

  • [TAB-376] - Submission emails to module managers.
  • [TAB-466] - Provide tutor upload link for departmental admins


  • [TAB-37] - I want to be able to view a list of all my personal tutees
  • [TAB-354] - I want to be able to view a list of all personal tutors in my department
  • [TAB-432] - I want to be able to view a list of all the students in my department with no personal tutor
  • [TAB-467] - I want to be able to see if any personal tutors are based in other departments


  • [TAB-407] - Module listed under wrong department


  • [TAB-324] - CE320 needs to be resassigned
  • [TAB-437] - Functional test for uploaded file binding