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Tabula 33 (Arsenic) - 15th April 2013 - Release notes

Tabula version 33 was released on Monday 15th April 2013. The main visible improvements and changes are:

Meeting records for personal tutors

It is now possible for personal tutors (and their tutees) who have such relationships set up in Tabula to record notes about meetings between them. This is recorded against the student profile in Tabula, which gives tutors an easy way to view a record of previous meetings with their tutees - and it also records such meetings for when a personal tutor changes.

Improved feedback report in Coursework Management

In response to feedback from administrators (both centrally and in departments) to the feedback report functionality, we've made a number of vast improvements to the report to make it much easier to see how well each assignment (and module) meets the 20 working day turnaround requirement for returning feedback to students. This also takes into account "personal" deadlines - so a student who submits late will have the 20-day clock started from submission date, rather than the assignment close date.

General improvements and fixes

  • Sorting now works correctly on the submission/feedback page for plagiarism overlap percentages and word counts
  • Students no longer appear to be unsubmitted twice if they are in multiple linked assessment groups

Coming soon: re-designed submission and feedback management page

New assignment submission and feedback management page

We've redesigned the submission and feedback management page to give a better high level representation of the current state of each student's participation in the assignment. This is represented as a series of progress bars going from submission, through marking and feedback (depending on which of these stages are enabled for that assignment).

We're currently looking for people to trial the new look with; if you'd like to be involved please get in touch by emailing webteam at warwick dot ac dot uk

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-634] - Sorting doesn't work on "old" list style submission/feedback page (word counts, Turnitin)
  • [TAB-636] - Sorting doesn't work on new progress bar assignment page
  • [TAB-644] - Record meeting dialog allows multiple clicks on Publish
  • [TAB-648] - SSO still clusters in maintenance mode
  • [TAB-649] - Student appears unsubmitted twice if they are in two different linked assessment groups
  • [TAB-651] - Filtering for plagiarism percentage on test not getting expected results


  • [TAB-242] - Allow JobService to run jobs in parallel
  • [TAB-530] - Improvements to the feedback report spreadsheet
  • [TAB-635] - Add more filters for word count and Turnitin percentages
  • [TAB-637] - Don't prefix dates with "on", because otherwise they get silly for today/tomorrow/yesterday
  • [TAB-643] - Add meeting type dropdown to meeting record
  • [TAB-657] - UI tweaks to assignment screen


  • [TAB-358] - I want to be able to record meetings with my personal tutees


  • [TAB-640] - Refactor ArrayList/HashMap into JArrayList/JHashMap and move under JavaImports