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Tabula 34 (Selenium) - 25th April 2013 - Release notes

Tabula version 34 was released on Thursday 25th April 2013. The main visible improvements and changes are:

Re-designed submission and feedback management page

New assignment submission and feedback management page

We've redesigned the submission and feedback management page to give a better high level representation of the current state of each student's participation in the assignment. This is represented as a series of progress bars going from submission, through marking and feedback (depending on which of these stages are enabled for that assignment).

By default, you'll see the "old style" table-based layout rather than this new summary based layout, but you can switch between the two by using the radio buttons above the table. If your department would like to change which version you see first (so you see the summary based view before the table based view) you can do this from the Display settings options on the Department Settings screen. We're likely to make the "summary" view the default at some point, but it'll still be possible to switch back.

General improvements and fixes

  • We've made a number of UI improvements to the screen where you review, grant and revoke extensions
  • When a student has had an extension, but the extension has expired, the lateness calculation is now to the end of the extension, not to the assignment close date
  • A bug that caused the restricted file types to disappear and not be taken into account has been fixed
  • A rare error when a user who had just left the University tried to see their tutees list has been fixed
  • It's now no longer possible to upload feedback that's empty (i.e. identical to the template)
  • Uploads from OS X will now correctly exclude marker files
  • The "Actions" dropdown on the departmental admin page no longer falls off the bottom of the page at the end of the list
  • Tabula now returns status codes correctly for errors and missing pages, helping some web browsers and screen readers
  • A rare bug where the assignment screen broke if you deleted feedback for a student who had already downloaded it, and subsequently added marks, has been fixed
  • We've made some performance improvements to the submission/feedback page

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-650] - "Actions" dropdown on dept admin page falls off bottom of screen at end of list
  • [TAB-658] - Internal values can be overridden by request
  • [TAB-659] - Lateness is misleading for assignments for which extension has passed
  • [TAB-665] - All Tabula 404s return HTTP 200
  • [TAB-667] - Not all entities delete their FileAttachments
  • [TAB-685] - Exception for a user accessing their tutees list
  • [TAB-688] - Error clicking on 'Coursework management' in breadcrumb on test
  • [TAB-692] - Tried to convert OtherMember into a student
  • [TAB-696] - Exception viewing submissions from Feedback.mostRecentAttachmentUpload
  • [TAB-701] - Assignment screen performance isn't good enough for live
  • [TAB-705] - Form file format restrictions not being applied


  • [TAB-489] - Don't allow feedback to be uploaded if it is identical to the feedback template
  • [TAB-568] - UI improvements to granting extensions
  • [TAB-654] - Prevent upload of OS X marker files as feedback
  • [TAB-678] - Make the progress-based assignment screen optional
  • [TAB-682] - Add released date to Feedback
  • [TAB-683] - Submission and feedback exports should apply the active filter to the data
  • [TAB-703] - Slow-log commands
  • [TAB-704] - Cache userLookup.getUserByWarwickId() (asynchronously) to improve performance


  • [TAB-663] - Missing file on tabula-test