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Tabula 43 (Technetium) - Thursday 26th September 2013

Tabula version 43 (Technetium) was released on Thursday 26th September 2013. The main visible improvements and changes are:

Attendance Monitoring

We've released Attendance Monitoring functionality within Tabula. It's now possible for Departmental Administrators to set up monitoring points for students on a route and year combination, and then to record whether students have attended or missed these points (with approved and unapproved absences).

Small Group Attendance Recording

We've added the ability to record attendance at small group events. This can be done by a tutor as well as an administrator, and in future may be used to inform decisions in the Attendance Monitoring functions of Tabula.

Linking assignments and small groups to non-assignment SITS groups

In response to feedback at the monthly user group, we've made it possible to link assignments to SITS assessment components of other types, such as exams, for the purpose of returning feedback. This also means that small group sets can also be linked to these SITS groups.

Profile filters for sub-departments

It's now possible to filter student profiles based on sub-departments, so that, for example, an "Architecture - Undergradutes" department only sees undergraduate students in lists of students without a personal tutor.

General improvements and fixes

  • On lists of students (for example, tutees), an "Email these students" link now appears
  • We've improved the XML export for an assignment
  • A bug that caused SITS links not to persist for small groups has been fixed
  • An error that caused an error to appear when submitting an assignment with a minimum word count of 0 words has been fixed
  • An error that made it impossible to save meeting records has been fixed
  • For departments whose personal tutors are imported from SITS, postgraduate research students will no longer have personal tutors created for them
  • Clicking 'Archive Assignments' in a department with no modules (where they are in sub-departments) no longer displays an error page
  • An error when bulk setting up assignments has been fixed
  • Tabula now explicitly tells you if you try and release a submission for marking where a marker hasn't been allocated that nothing will happen

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-1123] - Change personal tutor import not to import PGRs
  • [TAB-1135] - "Archive Assignments" (in whole-dept Manage) blows up if all modules are in sub-departments
  • [TAB-1136] - Sandbox importer blows up
  • [TAB-1138] - NPE on tutors->allocate page
  • [TAB-1141] - Setup-assignments error
  • [TAB-1144] - Linking to SITS not persisting for small groups
  • [TAB-1145] - Open/closed info banner on allocate screen appears on manual allocation groups
  • [TAB-1146] - Single module "notify" page has module code in lowercase
  • [TAB-1147] - Mass-notify page has module codes in lowercase
  • [TAB-1149] - Small groups page doesn't span the whole width
  • [TAB-1158] - Possible to release a submission for marking even if a marker hasn't been assigned
  • [TAB-1169] - Freemarker error in profile macro
  • [TAB-1171] - Freemarker error in wordcount.ftl if minimum word count set to 0
  • [TAB-1176] - Exception creating meeting record
  • [TAB-1178] - Record attendance button not visible to SGT tutors
  • [TAB-1184] - Profile import exception - module registration constraint violation
  • [TAB-1191] - SITS picker: hovering over select all checkbox clears all checkboxes
  • [TAB-1192] - Freemarker error when trying to remove a student relationship type


  • [TAB-779] - Add member filters to sub-departments
  • [TAB-1077] - Allow users to select all attendance checkboxes
  • [TAB-1121] - Monitoring points should be submitted at the point, rather than set, level
  • [TAB-1128] - Make space between labels and values in student profile page in Firefox
  • [TAB-1129] - View/record monitoring point tweaks
  • [TAB-1130] - Manage monitoring points tweaks
  • [TAB-1139] - Import exam type assessment components
  • [TAB-1160] - "Email all of these students" link from lists of students
  • [TAB-1185] - Allow all assessment component types to be selected

New Feature

  • [TAB-1113] - Coursework Management API: Improved XML for submissions/feedback


  • [TAB-745] - I want to record attendance in the department
  • [TAB-748] - I want to view information about a student's attendance
  • [TAB-751] - I want to view the attendance monitoring information that I will send to the Academic Office


  • [TAB-1120] - Allow student to see their own monitoring points
  • [TAB-1167] - Update monitoring point data model


  • [TAB-979] - Attendance Monitoring