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Tabula 44 (Ruthenium) - Thursday 26th September 2013

Tabula version 44 (Ruthenium) was released on Thursday 26th September 2013. This release builds on Tabula 43 (Technetium) released earlier in the day and mostly fixes issues with that release.

General improvements and fixes

  • The Coursework Management, Small Group Teaching, Attendance Monitoring and Student Profiles pages now include some explanatory text if you visit them without permission to see anything
  • We've made some improvements to the creation screen for Monitoring Point templates
  • You can now change your personal week numbering system (using the Settings link in the top right) without having to be a coursework module manager
  • The current academic week now displays correctly in Attendance Monitoring
  • A 'page not found' error when clicking cancel when recording small group attendance has been fixed
  • An explanatory message is now displayed to students who try and view their attendance monitoring data if they have none
  • Personal tutor lists for a department now show students outside of the department for tutors in the department

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-1097] - Allow dept admins to add a student note


  • [TAB-1140] - Monitoring points: holiday weeks are displayed starting Thursday
  • [TAB-1173] - NPE adding tutor
  • [TAB-1183] - Personal tutor list is missing students on multi-dept courses
  • [TAB-1194] - Student can't see 'My attendance' info
  • [TAB-1195] - 404 clicking 'cancel' for SGT attendance
  • [TAB-1196] - NPE on View Profile for student ID 1007132
  • [TAB-1200] - NPE uploading tutors
  • [TAB-1202] - Hard-coded current academic week
  • [TAB-1203] - Can't see any personal settings unless you are a coursework module manager


  • [TAB-1199] - Add some explanatory message to top-level section pages if blank
  • [TAB-1206] - Not obvious enough that you click to expand routes when creating