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Tabula 46 (Palladium) - Thursday 3rd October 2013

Tabula version 46 (Palladium) was released on Thursday 3rd October 2013. The main visible improvements and changes are:

General improvements and fixes

  • Unsubmitted optional assessments will now move into the 'Past' category for students once they're late
  • It's now possible to create unscheduled small group events by only setting the tutor on them
  • The feedback publish deadline is now shown on assignments in the Coursework Management admin page
  • Tabula FAQs are now accessible from the masthead
  • When printing a student profile, the date that the page was generated is included at the bottom
  • Some members of staff who didn't previously display in Tabula are now displayed
  • An error that caused the page to freeze when creating small groups has been fixed
  • Students who are permanently withdrawn will no longer appear in searches or in lists of current students
  • A problem with the meeting record popup on smaller screens has been fixed
  • Students who are studying in other departments no longer appear on the personal tutor/supervisor allocation lists
  • Allocating students to tutors via spreadsheet upload now displays any errors for confirmation
  • When you change the academic year of an assignment or small group, SITS groups now display on the correct year straight away
  • A problem that some students encountered when signing up for small groups on certain mobile devices has been fixed
  • A problem that caused the page to crash when allocating students in very large departments has been fixed
  • There is no longer a restriction on creating assignments with the same name as an archived assignment
  • Tutor notification emails for small group allocations now display the correct link

Technical release notes:

Implement Code

  • [TAB-1246] - Administrative Note creator shouldn't be of type Member


  • [TAB-1190] - Saving small groups gets stuck on event validation failure
  • [TAB-1204] - Remove students who have left from tutee lists and search results
  • [TAB-1224] - Cannot add Administrative Notes on sandbox
  • [TAB-1227] - Some users don't see "Submit for Approval" button on meeting record modal
  • [TAB-1233] - Engineering spreadsheet upload processes but at last stage "Page Not Found"
  • [TAB-1235] - Changing academic year of assignment/group doesn't update SITS picker
  • [TAB-1236] - Modals should not be taller than the viewport
  • [TAB-1237] - IFRAMEs in modals need to set their own height on frameLoad and resize
  • [TAB-1244] - BindException signing up for small groups
  • [TAB-1247] - Students attempting to do a GET to signing up to small groups
  • [TAB-1249] - TermService.getAcademicWeeksBetween doesn't work during term time
  • [TAB-1251] - NullPointerException signing up to small groups
  • [TAB-1253] - Opening a modal causes 30-odd JS errors
  • [TAB-1254] - Exception in small group notification if location not set
  • [TAB-1255] - Exception if trying to view attendance/profile if not in Tabula
  • [TAB-1256] - blue(ish) screen loading IE allocate personal tutor screen
  • [TAB-1263] - Can't edit an assignment if archived one of the same name exists
  • [TAB-1265] - ImportAssignmentsCommand will never empty an assessment group
  • [TAB-1268] - Online feedback cannot be submitted
  • [TAB-1269] - Confusing message when going to submit URL for archived assignments
  • [TAB-1275] - Allocating personal students goes to 404 page
  • [TAB-1282] - Generic feedback form broken
  • [TAB-1283] - Tutor notification email for small groups has wrong URL in
  • [TAB-1289] - Freemarker error on coursework department home
  • [TAB-1290] - Freemarker error when creating an assignment
  • [TAB-1292] - .help-block text is massive in IE
  • [TAB-1293] - Profiles: In tabbed view, seminar/labs appears on every tab


  • [TAB-706] - Move formative assessments into the "Past" folder a certain time after the due date


  • [TAB-284] - Logout target could be better
  • [TAB-323] - Help text on profile search screen
  • [TAB-867] - Hide settings for empty parent departments
  • [TAB-879] - See the feedback deadline for an assignment
  • [TAB-1007] - Update Font Awesome to 3.2
  • [TAB-1031] - Debug mode for module JS
  • [TAB-1060] - Increase spacing on assignment submission screen
  • [TAB-1070] - Re-order department settings options
  • [TAB-1072] - UI changes to small teaching group screens
  • [TAB-1076] - Move search box above 'My profile' link for PGRs
  • [TAB-1209] - Link to Tabula FAQs in UI
  • [TAB-1210] - Add current date stamp to student profile page?
  • [TAB-1242] - FreeMarker render exceptions should generate an exception email
  • [TAB-1257] - Display helpful message if PT upload fails because dept set to SITS import
  • [TAB-1276] - Don't rely on staff being in SITS to import them into Member
  • [TAB-1278] - Allow creation of unscheduled events on small groups
  • [TAB-1279] - Point dev and test instances at test membership

New Feature


  • [TAB-1159] - Tutor seeing more tutees than the administrator
  • [TAB-1273] - Investigate whether casual staff eventually find their way into Tabula


  • [TAB-1280] - Change username for live tabula service for membership