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Tabula 50 (Tin) - Tuesday 29th October 2013

Tabula version 50 (Tin) was released on Tuesday 29th October 2013. The main visible improvements and changes are:

Filtering lists of students

We've added a new interface for departmental administrators to view lists of all students in their department and to filter the results. You can get to this by choosing 'Students in (department)' from the 'Manage' dropdown on the Student Profiles homepage.

General improvements and fixes

  • We're now clearer about when you can't email more than 50 students at a time
  • Small groups that are open for sign-up now display in the student's profile
  • The expand/create new meeting links no longer overlap for meeting records
  • It's now easier to allocate students to tutors where there are lots of tutors
  • A warning message is now displayed when attempting to use Tabula in IE8 or earlier

Technical release notes:

Implement Code

  • [TAB-1435] - Update profile index when re-importing a single Member


  • [TAB-1413] - 'Email these students' button not appearing for all groups
  • [TAB-1422] - Open sign up groups not displayed in student profile
  • [TAB-1432] - Alert showing for unrecorded point at start of required from week
  • [TAB-1434] - Non-default relationship not displaying on student profile
  • [TAB-1445] - Expand/create new meeting links overlapping
  • [TAB-1447] - supervisor relationships are being ended and recreated each day
  • [TAB-1471] - Creating meeting record from modal throws FTL error on submit


  • [TAB-889] - Users need to mark an attendance monitoring point as met when they record a personal tutorial


  • [TAB-1100] - Drop support for IE <= 8 for administrative functions
  • [TAB-1239] - Squish personal tutors to fit on screen for drag and drop
  • [TAB-1468] - Change import to directly link to latestStudentCourseYearDetails

New Feature

  • [TAB-33] - Admins need to filter student profiles