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Tabula 51 (Antimony) - Wednesday 20th November 2013

Tabula version 51 (Antimony) was released on Wednesday 20th November 2013. The main visible improvements and changes are:

Filtered recording of attendance monitoring information

You can now record attendance monitoring information for students via a filtered list, rather than for a single route. This allows recording for all students who match the same point, if desired.

'All students in my department'

Staff members can now filter the list of students in their department via a link in Student Profiles.

'Module Auditor' and 'Route Auditor' permissions

We've added two new roles; Module Auditor and Route Auditor. These roles are designed for members of staff who should have access to view administrative information in a module (for coursework management or small group teaching) or route (for attendance monitoring), but not change any of the data.

Assigning module/route roles across a whole department

It's now possible to give the Module Manager/Assistant/Auditor roles and Route Manager/Assistant/Auditor roles across an entire department, rather than just for individual modules and routes.

General improvements and fixes

  • A bug that caused monitoring scheme creation over multiple years to not work has been fixed
  • Archived assignments now continue to display in the 'Past' list for students
  • The 'View monitoring points' screen has been re-designed
  • Administration for a student is now managed by the department which holds the student's enrolment record for the current year of study
  • Seminar attendance for students is now shown on their student profile
  • A bug that meant the count of students in groups was inaccurate has been fixed
  • Students with non-latin characters in their names are now shown correctly in student profiles (previously, some characters were replaced with question marks)
  • It's now possible to allocate more than 256 students to a small group
  • Tooltips no longer flash away quickly under some circumstances
  • An error when recording attendance has been fixed
  • A bug that meant the number of items of feedback for an assignment was inaccurate has been fixed
  • Monitoring points now only apply to a student's most significant course
  • Supervisors imported from SITS now correctly imports multiple supervisors again
  • A bug that meant some submissions made under British Summer Time now display an hour out has been fixed

Technical release notes:

Implement Code

  • [TAB-1477] - Functional tests for creating point schemes
  • [TAB-1520] - Ajax controller for if a meeting will create a checkpoint
  • [TAB-1540] - Change agent student list to attendance table


  • [TAB-1286] - Change import to leave only one course details records as most significant
  • [TAB-1429] - Group info doesn't tally between screens
  • [TAB-1441] - Characters in student name displayed incorrectly in profile
  • [TAB-1446] - NullPointerException editing assignment with missing membersgroup
  • [TAB-1456] - Can't allocate more than 256 people to groups
  • [TAB-1470] - Bootstrap tooltips sometimes flash away immediately
  • [TAB-1473] - Freemarker error in attendance recording - monitoringPoint.pointType is undefined
  • [TAB-1474] - NPE in freemarker when accessing pointType.dbValue
  • [TAB-1476] - Creating monitoring schemes: points get merged together
  • [TAB-1479] - Miscount when feedback has multiple attachments
  • [TAB-1481] - Only show link to generated feedback PDF when it would have useful content
  • [TAB-1483] - No session error refreshing profile index on re-importing individual - on dev
  • [TAB-1484] - NPE editing assignment
  • [TAB-1486] - Clicking radio button enables all 'Sign up' buttons if a student has multiple sets to sign up to
  • [TAB-1489] - Late formative assignments can appear twice in Past list
  • [TAB-1490] - Meeting records no longer displaying
  • [TAB-1495] - Filtering hides all students for non-admins
  • [TAB-1497] - NPE in ImportMemberHelpers.formatForename
  • [TAB-1499] - Personal timetables aren't working
  • [TAB-1508] - Monitoring points should only apply to a student's most significant course
  • [TAB-1515] - Error re-importing SITS data for 0758831
  • [TAB-1516] - Possible turnitin naming conflicts
  • [TAB-1517] - NPE when attempting to view monitoring points sets
  • [TAB-1518] - Supervisor import no longer handling multiple supervisors
  • [TAB-1521] - Error recording attendance for personal tutee on sandbox
  • [TAB-1522] - Exception rendering allocation screen for some groups
  • [TAB-1526] - Freemarker error editing monitoring points
  • [TAB-1528] - Invalid word count field being saved, then being ignored
  • [TAB-1532] - 404 from "Cancel" button on Record attendance page
  • [TAB-1534] - Student missing from attendance list
  • [TAB-1538] - University ID falling down to next line in expanding tables
  • [TAB-1539] - Coursework submission time display out by an hour
  • [TAB-1549] - 'All students in dept' link not displaying for tutors
  • [TAB-1550] - Error for dept admin recording attendance monitoring via student profile
  • [TAB-1552] - Notifying about a groupset goes to blank page
  • [TAB-1554] - 404 recording attendance via 'View by student' page
  • [TAB-1555] - Personal tutors don't have permission to record points via the attendance monitoring screen


  • [TAB-747] - Users need to be able to view attendance information
  • [TAB-1328] - Admins want to filter attendance information


  • [TAB-860] - Allow assigning module manager/module assistant across a whole department
  • [TAB-1157] - "Assign markers" isn't accessible from the submissions/feedback screen
  • [TAB-1231] - Hide 'Leave' buttons from others viewing student profile
  • [TAB-1266] - Warning message by "Remove All" button for tutors
  • [TAB-1271] - Show archived assignments in "Past" list for students
  • [TAB-1300] - Default 'End' date to after 'start' date
  • [TAB-1309] - UI changes to view monitoring points screen
  • [TAB-1418] - Improve attendance recording view on smallscreens
  • [TAB-1491] - Meeting monitoring points - ui improvements
  • [TAB-1494] - Give staff members a link to view students in my department
  • [TAB-1509] - Assigning markers using drag & drop
  • [TAB-1510] - Record enrolment departments for students and take into account for profile permissions
  • [TAB-1519] - Use enrolledDepartment in filter code

New Feature

  • [TAB-1514] - ModuleAuditor/RouteAuditor permissions


  • [TAB-35] - I want to be able to view a list of all the students on a module I am teaching
  • [TAB-741] - I want to record attendance at a personal tutorial
  • [TAB-742] - I want to record attendance at a supervision
  • [TAB-1124] - I want to view information about a student's seminar attendance