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Tabula 53 (Iodine) - Tuesday 17th December 2013

Tabula version 53 (Iodine) was released on Tuesday 17th December 2013. The main visible improvements and changes are:

Authorised absences for small groups

We've changed the attendance screen for small group teaching to accommodate four states - not recorded, unauthorised absence, authorised absence and attended. All previous data has been moved to this new scheme as either attended or unauthorised absence. It's now also possible to set authorised absences for the future, in advance.

General improvements and fixes

  • When a submission is marked as suspected of being plagiarised, it can now be marked as 'investigation completed'
  • When using online feedback, we now correctly progress the status of a submission when someone views their feedback
  • Route/module managers can now view the departmental administration page (we incorrectly announced this had been fixed in version 52, apologies for the inconvenience)
  • Assignment 'Save as' downloads now include marks, grades and any generic or online feedback
  • It's now possible to grant extensions even if none have been requested
  • It's no longer possible to grant extensions on assignments that have no close date

Technical release notes:

Implement Code

  • [TAB-1589] - Scheduled task to push attendance data into SITS


  • [TAB-1535] - Feedback showing as not having been downloaded when available online
  • [TAB-1635] - Uploading to Turnitin failed
  • [TAB-1641] - Route/module managers denied permission to departmental admin page
  • [TAB-1645] - Assignment summary downloads missing marks/grades
  • [TAB-1655] - Sandbox freemarker NPE error viewing all students in IT
  • [TAB-1657] - Permissions check for adding senior tutors message doesn't seem accurate
  • [TAB-1663] - Clicking on Update button when 'unavailable' still links through to next page
  • [TAB-1665] - Unable to Record extensions if none have been requested
  • [TAB-1667] - Exception viewing submission and feedback summary table
  • [TAB-1669] - All students are immediately set to missing from import on the sandbox
  • [TAB-1670] - Can grant extensions on open-ended assignments
  • [TAB-1671] - Validation error when creating new marking workflows
  • [TAB-1680] - Points not grouped by term in profile
  • [TAB-1681] - Meeting checkpoint check returns 404
  • [TAB-1683] - Saving students as 'attended' for a future event takes you to empty register
  • [TAB-1687] - Only users enrolled on an assignment appear in online feedback list
  • [TAB-1691] - Agents can't see meeting list for monitoring point


  • [TAB-870] - Use award names rather than codes in student profiles
  • [TAB-1155] - Allow assignments to be marked as "Investigation completed" instead of plagiarised
  • [TAB-1650] - Use four-state attendance for SGT
  • [TAB-1656] - Make it clearer which permissions users can/can't add and why
  • [TAB-1660] - Indicate which rows Tabula has inserted into SITS
  • [TAB-1672] - Only show applicable routes on view by point tooltips
  • [TAB-1685] - Don't show warning alert if there is online feedback