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Tabula 59 (Praseodymium) - Monday 27th January 2014

Tabula version 59 (Praseodymium) was released on Monday 27th January 2014. The main visible improvements and changes are:

General improvements and fixes

  • We've been working on improving the stability and performance of Tabula
  • We've changed the way of moving between sub-departments and parent departments to be consistent across Tabula
  • A bug that caused some meeting records to be duplicated has been fixed
  • A bug that made it impossible to delete small group teaching events that had attendance recorded against them has been fixed
  • A bug that caused the workflow state to incorrectly move to 'Feedback needs downloading' before it was published has been fixed
  • A very rare bug that caused issues for students submitting assignments where the assignment had been modified at the same time has been fixed

Technical release notes:

Implement Code

  • [TAB-1696] - Improve performance of Coursework Management homepage


  • [TAB-1763] - Fixed header filter not updating
  • [TAB-1764] - Subdepartments button on attendance screens mispositioned
  • [TAB-1767] - Filter not working when sorting results
  • [TAB-1797] - SGT allocation rendering is broken in smallscreen
  • [TAB-1828] - View feedback link in submissions view not working
  • [TAB-1849] - Duplication of meeting records
  • [TAB-1853] - Current day background not aligned
  • [TAB-1857] - Error when trying to delete SGT group or group event
  • [TAB-1860] - Modules appearing in IATL when they shouldn't
  • [TAB-1862] - Feedback marked as 'needs downloading' before it's been published
  • [TAB-1866] - Modals not always resized to fit browser height
  • [TAB-1867] - Several ftl exceptions when downloading feedback pdf which contains no feedback
  • [TAB-1872] - Publish Feedback link greyed out in dropdown
  • [TAB-1873] - Exception for student submitting assignment that has been modified while viewing the form


  • [TAB-343] - Module importer - ignore suspended, withdrawn modules
  • [TAB-1150] - Student timetable has no indication that it is loading when paging through
  • [TAB-1793] - Only import student details once for each student
  • [TAB-1861] - Increase minimum query length to 3 characters in profile search