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Tabula 61 (Promethium) - Thursday 20th February 2014

Tabula version 61 (Promethium) was released on Thursday 20th February 2014. The main visible improvements and changes are:

Scheduled meeting records

It's now possible for students to schedule meetings with their personal tutor or research supervisor in Tabula, and vice-versa, as well as recording the outcomes of that meeting there. This means that it's now possible to agree on an agenda for a meeting, or provide documentation to be discussed or agreed at that meeting. We are working to integrate this functionality better with Outlook and Office365.

Timetables on student profiles

A student's personal lecture timetable (PLTT) is now available on their student profile to both the student and any relevant staff in their department. This timetable also shows any small group teaching events that have been scheduled in Tabula.

We are interested in hearing from any departments who have information in another system that they believe should be included in the student timetable. Please contact tabula at warwick dot ac dot uk if you would like to discuss this further.

Tier 4 visa requirements on student profiles

Where a student's nationality requires a tier 4 visa, this is now displayed on their student profile. We also allow filtering by this property when we display lists of students.

Recording types of authorised absence

In addition to adding a note when recording attendance for a student, we also allow categorising of student absences (academic, medical, personal, change of study location or other) to allow for reporting later. Please note that selecting "change of study location" does not replace the current process of contacting the academic office to inform them of a change of study location, where it is necessary to do so.

General improvements and fixes

  • We now show a link next to student names that provides a view of information from their student profile when clicked
  • We're continuing to review and improve performance on some pages, including viewing attendance by tutor or supervisor
  • Lateness for assignment submissions is now expressed in working days, as per University regulations
  • A bug that made it difficult to click tutee data on an iPad has been fixed
  • A bug that occurred when recording monitoring point information for tutees has been fixed
  • Permanently withdrawn students will no longer appear in assessment groups linked from SITS
  • A bug that meant filtered views of attendance students appeared to "hang" has been fixed
  • Attendance notes now work correctly in Small Group Teaching

Technical release notes:

Implement Code

  • [TAB-1697] - Improve performance of department admin page on Coursework
  • [TAB-1868] - Improve performance of viewing attendance by agent
  • [TAB-1903] - Allow meetings to be scheduled


  • [TAB-1930] - Apply migration for TAB-1829 to live after deploy


  • [TAB-1513] - Display submission lateness in working days
  • [TAB-1829] - AssignmentImporter: duplicate IDs in user groups
  • [TAB-1852] - Multiple tool tips on Small Group allocation screen
  • [TAB-1898] - Cannot click on tutee data on tablet
  • [TAB-1900] - Module/assignment for FR115 not displaying properly
  • [TAB-1901] - Error viewing My personal tutees on test
  • [TAB-1904] - Freemarker template error viewing profile on test
  • [TAB-1906] - Academic week numbering not working for timetable
  • [TAB-1910] - Error recording monitoring point for personal tutee
  • [TAB-1911] - Profile importer fails with LazyInitializationException on tabula-test
  • [TAB-1913] - Permanently withdrawn students still appear in assessment groups
  • [TAB-1920] - Relationship filters not working as expected
  • [TAB-1925] - CourseworkAssignmentManagementTest fails a lot
  • [TAB-1949] - Exception viewing attendance students
  • [TAB-1951] - Tab layout - Title for Assignments missing
  • [TAB-1956] - Add Attendance Note button behaving incorrectly in Small Group Teaching
  • [TAB-1962] - Previously-attached files not retained when confirming a scheduled meeting
  • [TAB-1969] - Cursor appears when hovering over link, instead of mouse pointer
  • [TAB-1971] - Error recording attendance


  • [TAB-497] - I want to be able to schedule meetings with my personal tutees
  • [TAB-810] - Users need to be able to view timetables


  • [TAB-128] - Disability status
  • [TAB-504] - Display a limited subset of student profile information wherever a university ID or name is displayed
  • [TAB-1420] - Show monitoring information for tier 4 students
  • [TAB-1437] - Show tier 4 status on student profile
  • [TAB-1839] - Let users choose types of authorised absence
  • [TAB-1907] - Fix wording of academic week numbers as "week 15 or 16" - it's always 15
  • [TAB-1931] - Remove generic type from StudentRelationship[A]
  • [TAB-1932] - UI tweaks for scheduled meetings
  • [TAB-1965] - Expose Settings link for students
  • [TAB-1967] - When there is information to show about a late submission, show it everywhere


  • [TAB-1919] - Custom permissions change for Philosophy


  • [TAB-1855] - Upload attendance to SITS: add guidance on process
  • [TAB-1897] - Audit index performance
  • [TAB-1963] - Separate MonitoringPointSet and MonitoringPointSetTemplate