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Tabula 62 (Samarium) - Wednesday 12th March 2014

Tabula version 62 (Samarium) was released on Wednesday 12th March 2014. The main visible improvements and changes are:

Small Group Teaching monitoring points

When creating monitoring points, it's now possible to automatically link them to small group teaching events. This will mean that when a student is marked as having attended a certain number of events (set in the point), the point will also automatically be marked as attended.

General improvements and fixes

  • Departmental administrators can now see student phone numbers
  • Scheduled meetings with tutors and supervisors are now shown on the student timetable
  • You can now mark an assignment as a dissertation, which will exclude it from the 20-day feedback turnaround
  • We've added a new marking workflow for where each piece of coursework is marked by a single marker
  • Extension managers can now see all modules in a department so they can get to the extensions screen, and can also grant extensions that haven't been requested by the student through Tabula
  • Small Group Tutors who are postgraduate students will now see more information about students in groups they are the tutor of
  • We now display disability information in student profiles where a student wishes to disclose their disability to the University, and a student can also attach this to any extension requests
  • If you have permission over multiple departments, students in those departments will now correctly appear in profile searches
  • Scheduled meetings with students with multiple tutors are now correctly recorded with the right tutor
  • A bug that affected creating monitoring point sets has been fixed
  • Permanently withdrawn users should now no longer appear if they have been deleted from upstream systems

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-1960] - Notification priorities
  • [TAB-1970] - Set up notification indexer schedule
  • [TAB-1989] - Run migration on live for TAB-1921
  • [TAB-1990] - Remove approved and rejected columns from Extension


  • [TAB-1848] - Setting maintenance mode not reliable via sysadmin screen
  • [TAB-1973] - Exception indexing a notification
  • [TAB-1986] - Scheduled meetings always created with the default relationship
  • [TAB-1991] - Can't create blank monitoring point sets
  • [TAB-1992] - Profiles: viewing course shows relationships from other courses
  • [TAB-1995] - Supervisors can still see permanently withdrawn students
  • [TAB-1999] - Impossible for Members to change usercode on import
  • [TAB-2000] - Fix all methods in MemberDao so they don't return stale objects
  • [TAB-2002] - Missing createType parameter when creating a monitoring scheme
  • [TAB-2003] - error viewing permissions helper on test
  • [TAB-2004] - Old and disabled ITS usercodes appearing in Tabula
  • [TAB-2010] - Oddness when copying existing monitoring point scheme
  • [TAB-2014] - NPE trying to create an attendance note as Andrea Humber
  • [TAB-2017] - Align timetable arrows in FF and IE
  • [TAB-2025] - Validation error returned when trying to record points
  • [TAB-2030] - NPE when reindexing profiles


  • [TAB-1392] - Users need to mark an attendance monitoring point as met when they record SGT attendance


  • [TAB-1061] - Don't clear fields in request extension screen if submitted without checkbox
  • [TAB-1099] - add sandbox module registration data
  • [TAB-1342] - Lists of names should always be meaningfully sorted
  • [TAB-1618] - Import information for previous years
  • [TAB-1878] - Expose student phone number to departmental admin
  • [TAB-1886] - Move tier4visarequirement attribute from StudentMember into StudentProperties
  • [TAB-1891] - Don't escape html entities in popovers
  • [TAB-1928] - Display past/future meetings with tutors/supervisors in timetable
  • [TAB-1929] - Differentiate dissertations from other assignments
  • [TAB-1934] - Online feedback forms - text box too small
  • [TAB-1936] - Addition Workflow for single marking
  • [TAB-1976] - Scheduled meetings introductory popover improvements
  • [TAB-2007] - Extension Manager Permissions should generate Module Auditor Subrole
  • [TAB-2021] - Tweaks to creating teaching event point
  • [TAB-2036] - Let ext managers grant unrequested extensions


  • [TAB-1093] - Decide on permissions for SGT tutors who are PGRs
  • [TAB-1921] - Refactor extensions to better represent current state
  • [TAB-1961] - Enable disability in profiles and extensions for production
  • [TAB-2005] - Enable WMS IT staff to view profile search results in permitted departments
  • [TAB-2012] - Redirect emails from Tabula inbox to Webadmin inbox for emails we DONT want logged in Service-Now