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Tabula 64 (Gadolinium) - Tuesday 25th March 2014

Tabula version 64 (Gadolinium) was released on Tuesday 25th March 2014. The main visible improvements and changes are:

Coursework submission monitoring points

It's now possible to link monitoring points to automatically be met when a set number of pieces of coursework have been submitted.

Previous year's information in student profiles

We've added previous year's information to tabs in student profiles. Some information is not currently imported for previous years, but we are planning on filling this in future.

General improvements and fixes

  • We've fixed a broken link in extension request emails
  • We've made it easier to set up multiple small group teaching events
  • We've fixed a bug where the person recording a monitoring point is overwritten when another user doesn't change the data
  • We've added the new feedback due date to the extensions page

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-1964] - Notification content should be markdown and not email specific


  • [TAB-1832] - Keep 'Groups' section expanded after creating an event
  • [TAB-2061] - Validation error when hitting Save after attendance data has been pushed to SITS
  • [TAB-2075] - link in Extension Request email not working
  • [TAB-2085] - Don't clear caches so aggressively on permissions changes
  • [TAB-2087] - Monitoring point recorder being incorrectly logged
  • [TAB-2089] - Freemarker error in notification when editing agent
  • [TAB-2091] - Freemarker exception viewing subset of profile
  • [TAB-2095] - Functional CourseworkAssignmentManagementTest fails on submissions link
  • [TAB-2104] - Timetables can't be cached by Memcached
  • [TAB-2105] - Memcached timeouts fetching values
  • [TAB-2106] - Exception trying to view attendance monitoring for very old courses


  • [TAB-888] - Users need to mark submission of coursework as an attendance monitoring point


  • [TAB-2059] - Cross-link extension settings
  • [TAB-2060] - Don't show buttons for recording attendance if data has already been pushed to SITS
  • [TAB-2069] - Use xsendfile for file downloads
  • [TAB-2080] - Show new feedback due date in extension detail


  • [TAB-743] - I want to record that a student has submitted all required coursework


  • [TAB-2058] - Move in-memory caches out of heap