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Tabula 66 (Dysprosium) - Tuesday 29th April 2014

Tabula version 66 (Dysprosium) was released on Tuesday 29th April 2014. The main visible improvements and changes are:

Seen Second Marking workflow improvements

We've implemented a new Seen Second Marking workflow to better reflect its uses within the University

General improvements and fixes

  • We've added support for notifications for events that have already happened or are going to happen (e.g. submission due)
  • We've added some extra options to Authorised Absence type
  • A bug that caused some files to be corrupted when downloaded in Internet Explorer has been fixed
  • A bug that caused students to be unable to modify their extension request supporting documents has been fixed

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-2113] - UI improvements for marking screen
  • [TAB-2115] - Markers should be able to add a private comment
  • [TAB-2132] - Ensure marking complete screen shows accurate details


  • [TAB-2146] - Application won't start if SITS unavailable
  • [TAB-2159] - render.js and MODULENAME.js missing cache-busting suffixes
  • [TAB-2162] - Clicking Meeting Record on timetable twice causes problems
  • [TAB-2171] - DownloadMeetingRecordFilesCommand audit event
  • [TAB-2175] - Indexing scheduled notifications blowing up
  • [TAB-2179] - student profile has freemarker error when viewed as different student
  • [TAB-2180] - Exception viewing marker feedback on test
  • [TAB-2184] - Permanently withdrawn student still appearing in Small Groups
  • [TAB-2189] - Incorrect URL being loaded upon completion of submitting feedback reports
  • [TAB-2190] - Exception modifying files on extension request
  • [TAB-2192] - Production notification indexer throwing exceptions
  • [TAB-2198] - NPE when viewing student profile page for ceuxba
  • [TAB-2202] - Extension supporting documents have text/html content-type
  • [TAB-2203] - Clicking tab not working in IE9
  • [TAB-2205] - Freemarker exception regarding student relationships for 9806957/2
  • [TAB-2207] - Incorrect date formatting in activity stream
  • [TAB-2208] - Small UI issue with button on mouseover
  • [TAB-2210] - Submission notification text is not Markdown
  • [TAB-2211] - Missing validation message


  • [TAB-1890] - Stick to a single maven snapshot version?


  • [TAB-1453] - Use short date format in meeting records
  • [TAB-1598] - Add student ID to submission file name when downloaded
  • [TAB-1639] - Display assignments in deadline date order in admin view
  • [TAB-2052] - Rewrite Seen Second Marking workflow to reflect uses within the University
  • [TAB-2107] - Only show assignments relevant to the year and course selected
  • [TAB-2158] - Routes not appearing in PAIS filters on test
  • [TAB-2170] - Upgrade Lucene indexing version
  • [TAB-2172] - Add extra options to Authorised Absence type
  • [TAB-2173] - Change default statuses shown in Attendance monitoring
  • [TAB-2183] - Default sorting on mark upload form to Student Number [numerically]
  • [TAB-2193] - Seen Second Marking - Allow appending both feedbacks into the final feedback
  • [TAB-2194] - Allow multifile uploads to feedback
  • [TAB-2195] - Only warn that a feedback has no mark if the assignment is set to collect marks
  • [TAB-2200] - Mark and grade should be entered manually when finalising marking

New Feature

  • [TAB-140] - Alert students about deadlines
  • [TAB-1842] - Show results from previous years in student profile
  • [TAB-1958] - Notifications created implicitly by time passing
  • [TAB-2112] - Display Accredited Prior Learning in Tabula


  • [TAB-2047] - Investigate why missingFromImportSince appears wrongly set for some current students
  • [TAB-2163] - Refactor Lucene version references
  • [TAB-2187] - Functional test failures when a grantedrole is scoped to a non-existent department