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Tabula 67 (Holmium) - Wednesday 7th May 2014

Tabula version 67 (Holmium) was released on Wednesday 7th May 2014. The main visible improvements and changes are:

General improvements and fixes

  • Module results and Accredited Prior Learning are now displayed on student profiles
  • It's now possible to set a marker as both a first and second marker on a workflow
  • We've now made email sending more reliable, to avoid situations where emails aren't properly sent
  • It's now possible to filter on visiting/non-visiting students
  • Departmental administrators can now set submission notifications
  • After saving attendance, pagination is retained
  • A bug that caused self-certified absence to not work has been fixed

Technical release notes:

Technical task


  • [TAB-2169] - Exception viewing activity stream for specific user
  • [TAB-2199] - Email sending is unreliable
  • [TAB-2213] - Timetable tab UI issue
  • [TAB-2215] - Year tabs out of order for 0002268
  • [TAB-2217] - Generating recipientNotificationInfos causes ConcurrentModificationException
  • [TAB-2218] - NPE in ReleaseToMarkerNotification
  • [TAB-2219] - Dept admins can't always see submission notification settings
  • [TAB-2221] - Scheduled notifications are not marked completed
  • [TAB-2224] - Self-certified absence doesn't work
  • [TAB-2232] - 9 missing files in fs sanity check on prod


  • [TAB-1877] - Only import student course details once
  • [TAB-1922] - Setting up workflows - markers cannot be both first and second markers
  • [TAB-1940] - Identify visiting students and add to filtering
  • [TAB-1996] - Retain pagination after saving attendance
  • [TAB-2074] - Order Small Groups appearance
  • [TAB-2121] - Add double click protection for create sub-department
  • [TAB-2220] - Create feature flag for scheduled notifications
  • [TAB-2230] - Create sub-department validation improvements


  • [TAB-2212] - Enable feature flags for module results & accredited prior learning
  • [TAB-2214] - Investigate why permissions not behaving as expected on individual course profile page
  • [TAB-2227] - Stop monitoring point set creation for 2014/15