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Tabula 69 (Thulium) - Thursday 22nd May 2014

Tabula version 69 (Thulium) was released on Thursday 22nd May 2014. The main visible improvements and changes are:

General improvements and fixes

  • We have fixed a problem when amending finalised coursework feedback
  • Late submission emails no longer include a broken unsubscribe link

Technical release notes:

Implement Code


  • [TAB-2322] - NPE downloading marker feedback zip
  • [TAB-2326] - Broken unsubscribe link in late submission notification emails
  • [TAB-2327] - Some form values lost when amending finalised feedback


  • [TAB-2242] - NAGIOS monitoring and alert for the size of the unsent email queue
  • [TAB-2243] - Ability to interrogate email queue, including recipient, email creation time, email sent time


  • [TAB-2315] - Missing i18n message: "No more feedback can be added"